IL Monte Galala



Located at the heart of it all, IL Monte Galala lies on the Eastern seaboard of the Gulf of Suez, nestled amongst the Galala Mountains in Ein Sokhna. Conveniently located just 30 minutes away from the new administrative capital, IL Monte Galala offers prime location and easy accessibility thanks to the new 370km long Cairo outer Ring Road.



IL Monte Galala, a distinct opportunity to own a world-class address in a unique location capturing natural simplicity and luxurious richness at different altitudes.

Set over various levels of the Galala Mountain, IL Monte Galala is defined by three distinctive zones; sea front, mid-level and high altitude, with each area offering a range of entertainment and leisure options reflective of the natural landscaping and flora and fauna of its level.  At the base of the development, the Seafront area will focus on beach and water sport activities, offering a beach camp moving up to the mid-level.  The mid-level zone brings the ‘Art Quarter’, botanical gardens and an archeology center. Whilst at the peak of the development, the High-Altitude Level will feature a rustic Mountain Park with different activities catering to all ages with a range of high-adrenaline mountain sports and activities, and an internationally acclaimed Wellness Retreat – Six Senses, the first in Africa.

All housing units are surrounded by soothing 360-degree views of beach paradise, boasting a 3km shoreline of pristine white sandy beaches.



Available units for sale now and measurements

Offering a wide variety of residential options including villas, twin houses, town houses, chalets, studios and cabanas ranging from 500m2 to 72m2. IL Monte Galala will provide a total of over 7,000 units in addition to 1,000 hotel rooms divided over a number of state-of-the-art hotels.


Set over various levels of the Galala Mountain, all of IL Monte Galala units enjoy a stunning view of either the turquoise Red Sea with its tranquil waters or the first of its kind mountaintop Crystal Lagoons.


Date of delivery

The expected completion of phase one is planned during 2019.


Finishing specifications:

All Units will be delivered fully finished by the very prominent Mona Hussein Design House.


Payment plan:

IL Monte Galala offers flexible payment plans over 7 years.

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