I Need a Man (Oreed Ragolan)


Currently attracting a broad audience of viewers, the series Oreed Ragolan is based on the novel of the same name by writer Noor Abdul Majeed. The story follows the life of prosecutor Salim, who shares two daughters with his wife Amina. Upon his mother’s urging, Salim marries again to have a son, consequently, Amina seeks revenge by pursuing a lawsuit demanding a divorce. This causes a stir in the media about the woman who sued for divorce because the family wanted to have a male child; even though it’s the man’s chromosomes that determine the baby’s gender.

The first part is 15 episodes in total, which have begun airing.  A second season of 30 episodes will air during Ramadan 2016.

Stars: Eyad Nassar, Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Amira El Aidy, Merna El Mohandes, Zafer Abdeen and Soheir El Morshedi


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