18 Egyptian Movies and Tv Shows You Can Watch on Netflix


By: Mariam Elhamy

Egyptian television is finally becoming a part of a wider scope! Egyptian movies and shows are now being watched internationally through Netflix and other sites. To celebrate this we decided to make a list of Egyptian releases that finally made it to Netflix!

Tv Shows

Khalsana Beshyaka

A conflict between men and women becomes a third world war. All humans die except for a number of men and women in Egypt. After ( Al Haj and Hajja) appear,a truce is called between the commander of the men’s army (Sultan) and the leader of the women army (Karma), but what will happen during this truce?

Cast: Ahmed Mekky, Chico, Hesham Maged, Dina El Sherbiny, Bayyumy Fouad and Mohamed Osama

Rating: 7.4

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A university professor lives in Russia with her husband. When he suddenly disappears, she goes on a journey to find him. As her search takes her to Egypt, she finds out things that she had never known before.

Cast: Nelly Karim, Mohamed Mamdouh, Hesham Selim, Basma, Mohammed Alaa and Rania Mansour

Rating: 7.9

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Grand HOtel

Set in the 1950’s, Ali starts to investigate the disappearance of his sister, who worked as a maid in one of the largest hotels in Aswan.

Cast: Amr Youssef, Mohamed Mamdouh, Ahmed Dawood, Dina El Sherbiny, Amina Khalil and Sawsan Badr

Rating: 8.7

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layali eugenie

During the 1940s, Farid lives in Port Said with his Lebanese wife Aida and their daughter Nadia after a traditional marriage. While Kariman is escaping from Cairo , after a quarrel between her and her husband that led to his death. She meets Farid and the people of Teatro Eugenie and conceals her true identity.

Cast: Dhafer El Abidine, Amina Khalil, Engy Al-Moqaddem, Entsar, Carmen Bsaibes and Asmaa Abou El Yazeed

Rating: 6.7

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Haza El Masaa

A series about the interconnected relationships between different social levels, starting with (Akram), who is the executive director of a big company, his emotionally distraught wife, and (Samir) their driver who also struggles with his own conflicts where he lives , and his partner (Sony) who snoops on ladies’ phones.

Cast: Eyad Nassar, Ahmed Dawood, Mohamed Farrag, Hanan Motawee, Malak Assam and Asmaa Abou El Yazeed

Rating: 7.9

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ard el nefak

Masoud’s income is low and his life is miserable, he always fights with his wife Jamila and his mother-in-law, and his father owns a couscous shop. He meets Dr. Madi who offers him ethics for sale in the form of pills, he begins to take them to discover a new life and new characters.

Cast: Mohamed Henidy, Dalal Abdelaziz, Hana Shiha, Mohammed Tharwat, Salwa Mohamed Ali and Mahmoud Hafez

Rating: 7.4

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Nesr El Se’eed

Police officer Zein (Mohammed Ramadan) is in a fierce confrontation with Hitler (Sayed Rajab) a Saidi businessman engaged in illicit trade, the conflict between them intensifies, while Zein findsds himself torn between the love of two women, one of whom is his cousin.

Cast: Mohamed Ramadan, Wafaa Amer, Dorra, Sayed Ragab, Dina and Aaidah Riyadh

Rating: 6.4

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Ladayna akwal okhra 

The series chronicles the life of a legal consultant whose life is turned upside down when her son dies in an accident. When the police starts looking into it, she gets into more trouble, and the journey to prove her innocence starts.

Cast: Yousra, Shereen Reda, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Hatem, Mohamed Shahin and Noha Abdin

Rating: 5.9

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tisbah ala khair

A successful and wealthy engineer named Hossam El-Khedaiwy, who has recently suffered from problems in his normal life, resorts to an alternative life through a new device to enter the dream world.

Cast: Tamer Hosny, Nour, Dorra, Mai Omar and Mai Fakhry

Rating: 8

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Houroub Edterari

When the businessman Yahya Zakaria (Mohamed Farrag) is killed, four people are accused: Adham (Ahmed El Sakka), Mostafa (Amir Karara), Youssef (Mostafa Khater) and Nada (Ghada Adel). Events begin to escalate as the four try to work together to prove their innocence.

Cast: Ahmed El Sakka, Ghada Adel, Amir Karara, Fathy Abdel Wahab, Mostafa Khater and Ahmad Al-Awady

Rating: 7.6

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The film tells the story of Dr. Sherif (Tamer Hosny) who works as a plastic surgeon. During his work, he gets to know a young lady whom he falls in love with her. But when he got introduced to her single mum (Ghada Adel) and staying with her for a period of time; he falls in love with her as well, and gets confused in choosing between the mum and the daughter.

Cast: Tamer Hosny, Ghada Adel, Entsar, Mahmoud Hemeida, Amal Rizk and Ahmed Malek

Rating: 6.9

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abdo mota

Abdo (Mohamed Ramadan) is a thug working in the drug trade after losing his parents, using force to impose royalties on the people of the neighborhood, while Angham (Houria Farghali) is looking to marry him, and the dancer Rabyia (Dina) has an affair with him, and so is his cousin Alyia (Rehab al-Jamal).

Cast: Mohamed Ramadan, Horeya Farghaly, Dina, Rehab El Gamal, Magdy Badr and Sabri Abdulmonem

Rating: 5.5

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el harb el alameya el talta

At the wax Museum, the statues of the most famous figures of history come to life after 5 pm until 5 am. Shortly before they wake up, Khamis enters the building, and he’s chased by the living statues headed by King Tutankhamun ,then Aladdin rescues him, in exchange for helping him travel to Disneyland.

Cast: Chico, Ahmad Fahmy, Hesham Maged, Mohamed Ali Rezk, Bayyumy Fouad and Mahmoud El Gendy

Rating: 7.2

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Hatouli ragel

Based on a What if? dialectic, women are taking the role and position of men in the society. We see the stories of some couples with the woman being patriarchal and in control. Under the new fictional situation, a lot is revealed about relationships.

Cast: Ahmed El Fishawy, Sherif Ramzy, Youssra Al Lozy, Amy Samir Ghanem, Merritt and Karim Fahmy

Rating: 6.6

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Bolbol hayran

Bolbol Hayran Movie Trailer 1

Official Page 4 Bolbol 7ayran Movie :- http://www.facebook.com/Bolbol.7ayran.Movie■ Eslam Elkenanyhttp://www.facebook.com/Elkenany2■ Mido Helmyhttp://www.facebook.com/mido.helmy1

Geplaatst door ‎Bolbol 7ayran – بلبل حيران‎ op Maandag 8 november 2010

Bolbol meets a successful aristocratic girl named Yasmine, but she’s not the romantic type he dreams of, at the same time he admires his cousin Hala for her calmness and kindness. In the middle of all this, the psychiatrist Amal shows up and he thinks of getting engaged to her.

Cast: Ahmed Helmy, Zeina, Shery Adel, Amy Samir Ghanem, Youssef Fawzy and Yasser El Tobgy

Rating: 7.2

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Hamlet Freezer

When Egypt’s climate changes , turning the country into a frozen state, a group of intelligence officers travel to Italy to get a device that can stop the frost, posing as a movie crew.

Cast: Hesham Maged, Chico, Bayyumy Fouad, Ahmed Fathy, Nesreen Amin and Dareen Haddad

Rating: 6.3

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el khaleya

During an operation to capture a terrorist named Marwan, special operations officer Saif, is injured while his partner Amr is killed. Saif vows to take revenge with the help of officer Saber who’s working on the same case.

Cast: Ahmed Ezz, Mohamed Mamdouh, Samer El Masrei, Amina Khalil, Ahmed Safwat and Ahmed Salah Hosny

Rating: 8

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Laf w Dawaraan

Nour Kabbani is a tour guide who goes with his family to Sharm el-Sheikh, taking advantage of the company’s offer to spend the honeymoon in order to meet an Italian girl named Perla. He finds a girl called Layla who lives in the same villa. Nour’s family plot with Layla to ruin Nour’s plans with Perla.

Cast: Ahmed Helmy, Donia Samir Ghanem, Sabrin, Bayyumy Fouad, Mimi Gamal and Jamila awad

Rating: 7.4

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