Crave’s Homemade Smoothies in 5 Easy Steps


Putting together a smoothie at home is easier than one might imagine. It’s all about choosing what goes in, and how to sweeten it!


You need to have 1-2 cups of liquid as your base to set the way for your smoothie. It all depends on your caloric intake whether you want to cut down the sugar intake or not. Some of the healthy and low fat options include water, soy/coconut milk or yoghurt. Other creamier and richer options include full cream milk or fruit juice with the preferred taste of fruit.


When adding your main ingredient, there are two things to keep in mind. Firstly, the more frozen your fruit/vegetable is the less use you will need to add. Secondly, the more juice the fruit/vegetable has the less liquid you wilal need to add for your base.

It is now up to you to choose what fruit/vegetable you want to add to your smoothie some of the more popular choices are bananas, strawberries, peaches and mangoes.


Give your smoothie that special kick by adding a special extra ingredient that will add both density and flavor. Some of the special extras include: honey, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla extracts, ice cream, peanut butter, oats and many more.


If you are using fresh fruit/vegetables, you will need to add more ice to give it a cooler temperature and thicker texture (5 to 6 cubes of ice should do, but adjust to your preference). If you have more frozen fruits/vegetables, you won’t need as much ice (1 to 2 cubes of ice should do)


You will need to blend your ingredients until all the components are completely liquefied and are freely moving throughout your blender from top to bottom. This may take up to a minute based on how strong your blender motor is but make sure to not over fill your blender to make space for the components to move freely.

You are now ready to enjoy your filling, refreshing and healthy homemade smoothie and feel free to experiment as much as you want because you can never go wrong with juicing!

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