Holistic Wellness and Beauty at Bienêtre Institute


Drawn to exploring its only organic and chemical-free products and services, we paid a visit to Bienêtre Institute – the first specialized wellness and medical spa in Egypt. We were pleased to discover that the institute operates with a “body, mind and soul” approach at the epicenter of its ethos, offering psychiatry, physiotherapy, nutrition, and health coaching among their services.

With experts in the various fields of wellbeing, from holistic health therapists, to medical doctors to beauty practitioners, Bienêtre’s belief in the principle of physical and mental health being linked is clear in every detail of the operation. From the delicate aromatherapy scents wafting through the air, to the soft and relaxing music playing throughout the center. Each beauty or wellness service is carried out in the exclusivity of your own room, curating an experience that cannot be reached in any average salon or spa.

Upon arrival at the institute, we were greeted by professional reception staff who led us to our massage room. The relaxing ambient space was filled with a pleasant aroma and calming music, with a uniformed and friendly technician who began by asking how firm we wanted our Swedish massage. Each limb, finger, and toe was properly stretched and massaged with warm oil. The stomach massage felt sensational, and the technician informed us how beneficial it is for organ health and digestive health.

Feeling extremely relaxed and floating on air, we headed to our next service at the holistic nail spa. In keeping with their mantra, all nail services at Bienêtre use purely natural products, keeping nails as healthy as possible with minimal harmful ingredients. The foot sink featured lovely floating petals and glass stones, the kind of aesthetic touches that make you feel pampered. Unlike other nail salon experiences, the nail technician had a very light touch and the whole session passed with zero pain. Feet and hands are enveloped in a hot towel after each scrubbing, manicuring, and moisturizing which is a nice touch. Many organic nail products are also available for purchase for at-home maintenance.

We ended our visit with a special treat, getting a hair consultation and hair styling in Egypt’s first branch of Elite Hair International – an exclusive Bienêtre partner. We had a hair consultation with expert Julian Plessis who offered tips on how to manage unnecessary hair loss and how to maintain hair health from heat damage, demonstrating a range of exclusive products on sale in the salon. A high-quality synthetic hair piece was also tested out, for those who struggle with thin hair or need some extra volume with minimal effort. Very easy to use, simply clip in and you have Angelina Jolie va-va-voom kind of hair! After ending the consultation, our hair was cleansed with a delicious peppermint scalp cleansing shampoo and then blow-dried to perfection within minutes – all in the privacy of our own room, a rare treat for those who don’t like the hustle and bustle of a busy salon.

Bienêtre Institute certainly offers a sort of exclusivity and privacy that is not provided elsewhere, and the attention to the holistic harmony of body and mind is refreshing as mental health is often stigmatized. We will definitely be back in the near future to sample their wellness treatments like Reiki, Aromatherapy, Energy Healing, and Acupuncture … and many more Swedish massages!

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