HAUSER Live Performance in Somabay


After selling out arenas worldwide as one half of renowned duo 2CELLOS, Stjepan Hauser, now known simply as HAUSER, returns to his classical origins to perform a series of full orchestral shows across Europe for Spring 2020.

HAUSER’s first show ever in Egypt will take place in Somabay, Hurghada on April 18th. Tickets are on sale at Ticketsmarche so mark your calendars for the perfect Easter weekend with Hauser’s live performance.

HAUSER is heading on his solo tour in Europe with a symphonic orchestra. He premiered his classical show in Zagreb in 2017 with the Zagreb Philharmonic. The remarkable show has become a Youtube phenomenon with tracks such as Albinoni’s Adagio having been viewed over 40 million times.
Playing at prestige venues across the major cities of Europe, HAUSER will take center-stage to transform classical compositions with his distinctive passionate and dynamic style. Supported by a new classical album out in 2020 these shows will reflect his life-long love of the music, reimagined with his characteristic flair.

“Throughout my life and career certain classical compositions have remained dear to my heart. Compositions that have a special drama, a moving melody, a deep romanticism. I now have the opportunity to play some of these pieces with a full orchestra and share my passion for this music in the way I always imagined it.”

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