Gardening, Barbeques and a Petting Zoo at Al Sorat Farm


It’s never too early to introduce your kids to all sorts of animals, teach them about the great outdoors, healthy food, and how to interact and coexist with nature. Luckily, 25 kilometers from Downtown Cairo, Al Sorat Farm offers Cairenes exactly that sort of opportunity and experience.

Located in Abu Sir, off the Sakkara Touristic Road, the farm was founded by Maryanne Gabbani in 2006 as an escape from the smog of Cairo, and also as way to live with her horses and dogs in open space.

Since then, the farm as evolved and grown to currently house 15 dogs, 23 horses, 35 goats, 13 sheep, 3 donkeys, 2 mules, 1 cow and the loveliest water buffalo you’ll ever meet. A large aviary houses 25 chickens, 8 ducks, 4 geese and 6 goslings, 2 turkeys, 1 Amazon parrot, 6 cockatiels, and 2 doves. There are also plans for a fish pond to farm tilapia and catfish, with fishing activities on the horizon.


According the seasonal availability, Al Sorat also sells produce and dairy products to visitors. Goat cheese, milk, kale, leafy salad greens, herbs, fresh eggs and more. Assistance is also given if people want to buy chicken, duck, goose, and other poultry from local farmers.

The farm is open to visitors and families by appointment all week long, admission for under 3 years of age is free and EGP 50 for older kids and adults – admission includes 30 minutes of horseback riding. Kids can play with goats in the pen, feed and pet the animals, learn about farming and gardening, and splash around in water pools on hot days. Visitors can bring their own lunches or barbeque items and use the farm’s facilities, or order lunches ahead of time and enjoy authentic, organic home-made food made by staff.

Contact Information

 Facebook: AlSoratFarm

Tel: 0122 211 8386


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