Frida Kahlo Style Re-invented


The iconic, talented Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has created her own place in history for her naïve folk art technique and fantastically colorful paintings. Never slipping into obscurity, Kahlo’s work, much of which is in the form of self-portraits, has been both praised and prized around the globe for years.

Thrusting her unique persona firmly into today’s milieu, her heritage lives on through a resurging fascination for her passionate self-expression through her patriotic fervour for her country’s social issues, culture and dress.

Picking up the threads, so to speak, Dubai fashion house AAVVA has drawn on Kahlo as inspiration for their new clothing line. Recently showcased by AAVVA with fashionista Rhea Jacobs, the collection captures the essence of Kahlo’s quintessential style.

Egypt also celebrates the famous artist with a huge mural in the popular spot, LakeYard The Alley Edition, Hacienda Bay. Forming part of the recently launched  art-themed venue, Kahlo’s image stands out, unmistakable and commanding.

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