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With the flagship branch already open in the 5th Settlement, Fresh Food Market just inaugurated its second addition for fresh food in Sheikh Zayed, across from the Greens Compound. An enjoyable new food shopping experience that has become quite a hot spot among Zayed residents.

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Mantra: The Destination for Everything Fresh


Opening Hours: 8 am – 12 am, delivery 9 am – 11 pm


Concept: Owned and operated by Al Mansour Holding, this market-style grocer’s offers an eat-in experience with several counters offering freshly made food. The supermarket section is stacked with imported products as well as the best of the local market.


The Shopping-Eating Experience: The sushi counter where freshly made sushi can be found on a daily basis, offers house originals like the Nigri Special made of shrimp and tobiko (red caviar). Pull up a stool at the sushi bar or make a take-away order, prepared while you peruse the spacious isles stacked with all kinds of imported and local goodies. Shoppers can also enjoy one of many coffee and smoothie selections at the café corner, and nibble on house-baked cupcakes or craquelins. The Lychee Power smoothie and Italian Caramel Latté come highly recommended by the barista.

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If by that point the smell of freshly baked bread has infiltrated your senses, then hop over to the bakery where a spread of hot-out-of-the-oven breads lays before you. Try the house Gluten-Free bread, or if gluten is not an issue, then the Sundried Tomato bread, Zaatar bread or Olive bread are all must-tries! The bakery also offers a colorful array of their own macarons, as well as tarts, eclairs, and all kinds of mouthwatering gateaux. At the bakery you can also order freshly baked oven pizza, choose from Pizza Margherita, Four-Cheese, Chicken-Caesar, or Pepperoni, all come in a single size. Freshly baked bread also includes Vienna bread, as well as white and brown baguettes.



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Once you’ve made your bread selection, head over to the Italian Deli counter and try some Eggplant Makdous or any of the fresh house salads to accompany your bread. The Italian Deli also offers house-cooked roast beef, roast turkey and roast chicken which you can ask to be made into a sandwich of your choice, or wrapped up to take home instead of factory-made cold-cuts. The green olive stuffed with Roquefort cheese are exquisite; you can sample any of their house salads before making your own or buying any of the ready-made ones. The Italian Deli also offers the juiciest roasted organic baby chickens, drenched in French butter and a mélange of delectable herbs.


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The shopping experience is easy and inviting, with products neatly stacked and the floor-plan conducive to a slow and relaxed stroll. The sea-food counter offers fresh seafood from the Red Sea, the Mediterranean and well as from the Suez.  For now fish is purchased raw, soon the sea-food counter offers various choices for marinating and in the future will offer cooking your selections as well for those big family brunches you can now plan with ease. Try the Nagel, a black-spotted red fish native to the Red Sea, cooked several different ways. The fish-mongers are there to give you tips on what to cook how. For a fancy dinner, go for the imported lobster and oyster.

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The meat shop is manned by Butcher House, famous for their unconventional cuts like Ossobucco and T-bone steak. Their veal already has a tremendous following, with their highest sales coming from the Filetto cut. Meat cuts undergo a process called “Eejing” where the meat spends a week in a special refrigerator in temperatures between 0 and 2 degrees. This process drastically decrease the formation of bacteria, drains blood, as well as tenderizing the meat. Customers can choose from several marinating options, or buy the read-packed marinated meat selections. Ready-marinated chicken packs are also on hand, choose from pistachio, peanuts, herbs, or Greek marinating, and cook any way you like. The whole chicken is organic, so not only can do you feel good buying, but you feel good eating as well!

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Once you’ve made your way through the rest of the supermarket, and lost a few battles against resisting some of the best imported and local products on offer, head over to the ice-cream counter and indulge yourself in one of the light and airy house ice-creams churned before your eyes! Personal recommendation: a scoop of the mixed berries with a scoop of the chocolate… heaven!!! Other flavors to choose from are mocha, yoghurt, strawberry and vanilla.

ice cream


Coming Up: A branch in Palm Hills, Sheikh Zayed as well as one in San Stefano, Alexandria.


Fresh Food Market


5th Settlement,

Point 90 Mall, New Cairo

Across AUC Gate 5

Delivery: 01206222215 – 01000340709


Sheikh Zayed,

Plaza 34 Building,

Across Greens Compound

Delivery: 0238517109 – 0238517110



Instagram: Freshfoodmarket

Twitter: Freshfoodmarket

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