Find Serenity at Lazib Inn


By Lydia Schoonderbeek

Being in the fortunate position of working for a magazine, and constantly involved in a flurry of writing, photographing, recipe testing, designing and all. When the chance came for me to review Lazib Inn, Fayoum, I jumped at the chance.

With its shimmering sand flats at low tide and rich archaeological sites, Fayoum is the oldest city in Egypt and one of the oldest cities in Africa. Today with its lakes and sanctuaries, pristine desert, which include fossil remains such as Wadi El-Rayan and the Valley of the Whales, it is unbeknownst to me why this town is still a hidden gem.

If you fancy a change from the honeypot parts of Egypt, here’s a chance to discover the west of Egypt. There is something of a frontier-town atmosphere and faded majesty to Fayoum. Lazib Inn is a good base from which to explore or just get away from bustling Cairo. Owners hotelier Olivier and Nanette Masson have designed and created this lodge with antiques, maritime drawings and luxury linens in 9 luxurious suites.

The property is located on Lake Karun in the village of Tunis, right on the lakefront, so yes, you can actually wake up and look at the serene water. Lazib Inn, which opened in February 2014, is managed by Francois Willemin, and a hit with sophisticated Cairenes and foreigners in search of a quick getaway where one will be pampered in secluded beautiful settings.

The place is still very much a secret. It’s almost a shame to tell you about it, because I love new places when they’re at that ghost-ship stage. With excellent contemporary international cuisine with an Egyptian twist, and attentive and convivial staff, they have managed to create an environment that everyone can enjoy.

How to get there:

Lazib Inn is located in Fayoum 120 KM Southwest of Cairo

Find them online:


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