Feteera in Sheikh Zayed


Name a food that sums up Egypt in one mouthful. OK, so there may be a few, but way up there with them you have feteer. If it was good enough to offer to the gods in Pharaonic times, it’s good enough for us. Melt-in-the-mouth pastry with a crunchy outer layer, feteer, arguably one of the best Feteer restaurants in Cairo, comes in savory or sweet versions, all guaranteed to deliver maximum flavor and tummy-filling deliciousness at an affordable price.

Signature dishes: The red feteer items. It’s not just the color that blows you away; there is a healthy dose of hot chili pepper there as well. You can choose from chicken, meat or sausage, all packing a punch. If the thought of chili scares you off, why not munch into a Frêpe, or Feteera Crêpe, with hot dog, chicken or beef.

Dishes sampled: The menu is so comprehensive it was a challenge to know what to go for. Even though Fizza (Feteera pizza) was tempting, we decided to try the Smoked Turkey Roll, the Chicken BBQ, a Frêpe Hot Dog and the Red Meat Feteer, which was every bit as spicy as we had imagined.

They were freshly made, filling and more than enough to feed twice as many people. Admittedly, we might pass on the spicier items on our next visit, but the other dishes were spot-on.

Other menu options that appealed: The sweet items on the dessert menu have us drooling. Top of our list? The Nutella and Peanut Butter Feteer.

Beverage options: Soft drinks, tea.

Décor: Touches of Arabesque, comfortable couches, and a display of quirky dolls.  A cozy Bedouin-style corner with cushion seating.

Ambience: Spacious and well laid out for events, Feteera is relaxed and casual.

Clientele mix: Families, couples, a young crowd of under 30s.

Price range: Very affordable.

Opening hours:
Saturday to Wednesday: 9 am – 2 am
Thursday and Friday: 9 am – 3 am

Address: Legenda Mall, Sheikh Zayed

Tel: 16287

Facebook/Instagram: Feteera

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