Favilla Lounge


The Perfect Chill Out Venue in Sheikh Zayed which could arguably be considered one of the best Italian restaurants in Sheikh Zayed

Type of cuisine: Mediterranean with an Italian focus

Signature dishes: Filetto Olivo, Polpette di Pollo with Mozzarella

Dishes sampled: We couldn’t skip the popular Polpette di Pollo with Mozzarella for a starter, and the dish lived up to its reputation. Morsels of chicken and mozzarella lovingly encased in perfectly cooked risotto, coated in konafa, then deep-fried to perfection. Served with an unexpected Thousand Island sauce for dipping, it was a new twist on an Italian classic. Our verdict? Heaven on a plate!

Teamed up with a refreshing lemon juice with mint, served in the ubiquitous jar that is now de rigueur for juices in trendier locales it seems, this starter was a great introduction to an enjoyable meal. The challenge was in finding a main dish that would live up to the great standards already set. We opted for the Filetto Olivo, another signature dish.

The tournedos was cooked as requested, and came with a thyme tapenade, melted mozzarella cheese and a garnish of black olives. The plate comes with a choice of mashed potatoes or rice, and grilled or sautéed vegetables. All in all it was such a substantial meal that much as we would have loved to indulge in a couple of the scrumptious desserts there was absolutely no way we could have done them justice. Just another excuse to make a return visit, we say.

Other menu options that appealed:

The menu is so extensive, with items ranging from sandwiches, pizza, pasta dishes, fish and meat specialties that it would be difficult to choose. Short-listed are the Risotto de Mare, a creamy risotto packed with prawns and calamari, and the  Penne alla Quattro Formaggi,

Penne cooked in aromatic creamy sauce made of four types of cheese (Parmesan,

Gorgonzola, Ricotta and Mozzarella). The dessert menu was created for hedonists. Who could resist such a cornucopia of creamy, gooey, chocolate laden, fruity delights?

We would be torn between the cheesecake, a classic, with a choice of caramel, strawberry or Nutella topping, or the equally sinful Cioccalato Fondente, chocolate fondant stuffed with a warm oozing center of dark chocolate topped with chocolate and caramel sauce, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Laid out over two levels, there is an open-air area with an adjacent lounge for smokers, while non-smokers have a smoke free lounge to themselves. Lighting is subtle, and planters full of greenery and palm trees dotted around give the spacious lounge an air of relaxed privacy. Seating is comfortable and cozy, and the addition of a fountain elevates the lounge-style decor to a new level of chic.


The open-air setting brings the feel of an idyllic garden to guests. Far removed from any street noise, the only sounds are the gentle hum of conversation and the soft strumming of a group playing Spanish guitar.

Thumbs up: Valet parking makes the experience even better.

Beverages available: Juices, shakes, coffees and teas, and all the soft options.

Clientele mix: Couples and groups of friends, Favilla Lounge is also family friendly.

Price range: Moderate

Address: Plaza 34, Sheikh Zayed

Opening hours: 9 am to 2 am, so it is a good spot to catch breakfast as well.


Tel:  0100 323 3646

Facebook: FavillaLounge

Instagram: Favilla Lounge

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