Facial Harmony


Facial Harmony

A Holistic Beauty Solution

By Shorouk Abbas & Hilary Diack


When you consider the amount that is spent annually on creams, lotions, Botox, plastic surgery and other bids by people to reclaim a youth-like appearance and healthy complexion, it can be rather scary. But it is a serious business, our faces are there for all to see, and they show the accumulative effect of the stress we are under, the pollution we deal with on a daily basis, and any imbalances we have in our system. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up from a dream and miraculously find yourself with a serene and relaxed expression and a fresh, line free, glowingly translucent complexion?

When we heard about Facial Harmony it sounded intriguing, so we visited Mrs Dagmar Bock, a long-time practitioner to have a trial session. Although Bock does not normally have time for consultations in view of her busy schedule as wife of the German Ambassador to Egypt she kindly agreed to give a one- hour treatment.

We asked a few questions before the treatment started, to have an understanding of the process.

CEM: What is Facial Harmony?

DB:  In a Facial Harmony session, the meridian energy lines on the face, head and neck are stimulated with a tender touch so that a natural facelift occurs without the use of any cosmetic or medical product. The soft touch invites a state of deep meditative relaxation during which the daily grind is forgotten for one hour. In the meantime blocked energy is released and allowed to flow again and burdens that had been stored in the tissue melt away. The result is a relaxed face with a clear beautiful expression.

How often does it need to be done?

You can see a noticeable improvement after even one session, so it can be a great pick-me-up for a special occasion, but for a more enduring result a course of seven treatments spread over seven weeks would be advised.

What is the usual fee?

In Egypt you would normally expect to pay around EGP 400 a session, which is very reasonable for a treatment where you have the undivided care and energy of a trained Facial Harmony practitioner for a full hour.

Is this something that appeals mainly to women, or can men have treatments as well?

Although most people who use Facial Harmony are women, there are more and more men seeing the benefits and using it themselves. The ratio in Egypt would still be around 90 % women to 10% men though.

Are there many practitioners in Cairo?

Yes, there are several, based in various locations, all well qualified, so it should be easy to arrange an appointment.

Before the session started the lights were dimmed and some calming music put on to play gently in the background. Even I, as an observer, felt an immense sense of relaxation and had no difficulty sitting quietly for the hour, so I was interested to hear Shorouk’s feedback regarding her experience.

How long did it take to start feeling relaxed?

I felt a kind of peace and serenity the minute the session started. As the session proceeded, a sense of calm deepened and I felt totally relaxed.

Were you physically aware of being connected with?

As I became calm and quite I did get a taste of stillness that is unlike any other relaxing experience such as normal massage of facial. I felt connected to my inner self and I realized how noisy my mental chatter was!

How long did the feeling last for?

Actually when I was done with the session I thought it would not take long before I lose this feeling of serenity. Traffic and my busy schedule were enough to do the job. Surprisingly, this feeling of inner calm stayed with me the rest of the day. In the following days, whenever I felt stressed, I could recall this feeling and it would automatically help me regain my inner peace.

Did you see any change in your facial expressions after one treatment?

Half way through the session, the practitioner showed me my face in mirror so I could see the difference. It was very funny, half of my face looked relaxed and bright with soft features and the other half looked as if it belonged to a very tense person with tense muscles and stressed features! Finally when the session was over I could tell that my face definitely looked more relaxed and brighter.

Did you feel calmer and less stressed?

I felt as if I had been to retreat or a spa on vacation. So relaxed and pampered.

What was your overall reaction to the session?

Grateful. It felt like I treated myself to something of great value as it enhanced my sense of well- being. I immediately started asking about the contact info of a practitioner near where I live so I can call and get an appointment for a session. I intend to make this a regular treat!

Readers interested in arranging for Facial Harmony sessions with practitioners in their area can contact Cairo East Magazine at editor@cairowestmag.com and we will happily put them in contact.

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