Emirates NDB Releases Mother’s Day Music Video


There are two sides to being a mom. The side of her that values her space, time, career, and individual freedom, and the other side that prioritizes her family’s wellbeing, love, and comfort. Being a good mother is a continuous effort and women face a ton of societal pressure about whether they’re doing the job right. To celebrate mothers everywhere, Emirates NBD بنك الإمارات دبي الوطني have released this music video to recognize the effort women put in to the most important job in the world. #MomsDilemma #خناقة_كل_أم #MothersDay#يوم_الأم #HappyMothersDay #كل_سنة_وانت_طيبة #MothersDay2018#يوم_الأم2018_

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