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El Rawi in Sheraton Cairo


Enjoy fine dining & sophistication while taking in sparkling Nile views at this world-class restaurant in Sheraton Cairo. We paid an evening visit to this place which could easily be considerd one of the best restaurants in Cairo, and give you all the details in our comprehensive review.

Type of cuisine: High-end refined cuisine that delivers and doesn’t beat around the bush. A concise menu offering select items, so you know each one is diligently made.

Signature dishes: Grilled Lobster, Pumpkin Lamb, Orange Tart

Dishes sampled: This menu was exactly what you want to see on date night, as this particular night was: clear, concise, diverse, and yet, not all-over the place or overwhelming. El Rawi chose a selection of dishes and focuses its efforts on doing them really, really well. So, we began what promised to be a special night with a Goat Cheese Wheel: a salad platter divided into three sections. One section had perfectly al dente grilled vegetables with a basil pesto emulsion, seasoned just right, letting the smoky flavor shine through. Another section had four good-sized Chêvre wheels, and the third had the freshest greens, crisp and bright, lettuce, fennel and more. A light start to the meal.

The mains included Imported Beef Tenderloin accompanied by a new take on a potato side. The grilled beef fillet steak rested on a bed of sautéed sliced potatoes that had a crunchy exterior and caramelized onion, served with green peppercorn sauce and seasonal vegetables. Ordered medium-well, this tenderloin was prepared by a master of meats! If you looked up ‘medium-well’ in the dictionary, an image of this dish would come up. A truly great cut and a more than satisfactory dish! The other main was Mix Grill from the Sea – sea bass, queen prawns, sardines, Hamour and red mullet fillet marinated and grilled, served with lemon and garlic butter, grilled vegetables and steamed parsley with mint potatoes. This dish hit all the right spots, combining a citrusy sauce, smoky grill flavor, and fresh fish – a fantastic dish, and quite filling! Chapeau to the chef!

For dessert, we shared an Orange Tart. An exquisite pastry topped with a caramelized lavender Italian meringue, crème anglaise and a red fruit coulis. Divine.

Other menu options that appealed: Everything! But if we had to narrow it down we’d say definitely the Grilled Lobster, the Fillet Steak sandwich, Beef Lasagna, the Avocado Salmon Salad, and the Homemade Savarin.

Décor: El Rawi is quite spacious and can accommodate a large crowd without getting over-crowded, and your table will still feel private and intimate. The décor is elegant, classy, contemporary, and chic. With light fixtures and high-tables that oh-so-subtly change color, and regular seating in neutral colors. A three-sided open kitchen allows you to view the chefs at work, or get up close to select your fresh meat or fish for the grill. Floor to ceiling glass panes along two sides of the restaurant give an even more expansive feel with Nile views and night-time Cairo lights providing a perfect backdrop to your evening. The restaurant extends into the Spotlight Bar, where live music provides great accompaniment to the delectable dishes. During our evening visit, the velvety, sultry vocals of singer Nancy Cassis provided covers of old and new jazz favorites, and contemporary tunes rearranged in a jazzy manner in both Arabic and English. Spotlight Bar turns into a hot nightspot, with several seating options available including the bar, high tables, low tables, couches, and a VIP area.

Ambience: A much needed break from reality, leave your life at the door, and enjoy an evening of indulgence. The staff can be described two words: gracious and classy. Harking back to an era of a thriving tourism industry when customer service personnel were known to be welcoming, warm, smiling, polite, accommodating and truly gracious. Fitting for a sophisticated yet non-intimidating restaurant such as El Rawi. The atmosphere is refined and elegant, yet accessible.

Beverages available: An extensive drinks menu includes very creative house cocktails and shots, aperitifs, spirits, liqueurs, beer, mocktails, fresh juices, hot drinks, and soft drinks. Apparently the mixologist is a big name in the business, with several 5-star hotels vying for his skills!

Clientele mix: Hotel guests, business types, couples, groups of 30 somethings…

Price range: While on the high end of the price scale, El Rawi was actually more affordable than some of the fine-dining venues recently opened in the city and in the suburbs. You get more than what you are paying for, not just great food, but impeccable service, a great ambience, and Nile views.

Address: Sheraton Cairo, Galaa Square, Gizah

Tel: 02 33369800

Website: www.sheratoncairo.com

Facebook page: sheratoncairo

Instagram: sheratoncairohotel

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