Egyptian Design Stars in Sa7el


This summer has given local design talents a chance to flex their creative muscles and flaunt their stuff. Popping up all over the North Coast, these fun pieces captured the hearts of the team at Cairo to Sa7el Magazine.  We are sure they will capture yours as well.


Suki is a brand of Egyptian handmade genuine leather bags. Founded in the fall of 2016, Suki just launched its second collection. The collection combines leather with tribal and floral embroidery patterns, and includes a new line of metal bags infused with Egyptian cultural themes. There is the Fatimah hand (kaf) metal bag, the zamzameya (flask) metal bag. There is also the shifteshy bag based on its namesake pattern.

The founding partners both have a background in art and are passionate about incorporating art into the work and exploring patterns and materials. All the bags are handmade and proudly made in Egypt.


S.A.D.A.F.A is a brand of bags and clutches founded by Dina El Sheikh, and handcrafted in Egypt. It pays homage to the grandness of the city of Cairo, and is made using techniques like in-lay and patterns from Islamic architecture. Just like Cairo, S.A.D.A.F.A has a firm skeleton, but if you focus on the details, you will notice how intricate and delicate the bags are. Although it may seem very eclectic, every detail synchronizes in perfect harmony.


DonnyBrook is a new local clothing brand that just launched its first line this summer – men’s swimwear! Its founders introduced a number of witty designs and popping colors with a wide appeal. The swimsuits can be dressed down for a day by the pool, or dressed up for a party by the beach. The collection is rather limited and is selling out fast, so hurry up and grab one!

Talking Hats:

Last summer I started Talking Hats because i have always loved hats.  I started with my family and people fell in love with them. i started with normal hats and enhanced it over time as i added accessories and i do a lot of 3D designs I do all sorts of hats from straw to panama and add color to them. I now sell in Greece, Dubai, Cairo, Beirut and soon in Europe. Its a very rewarding feeling seeing people wearing my hats and loving them. I have done around 2000 hats so far with 850 designs trying not to repeat alot with a maximum of 3 times. I also do Leather and jeanes jackets, and beach bags all to be customized.

Pajama: Are we sure of this name?

Sleepwear designer Rabab El Sawah already has a well-established  business; but her creative urges took flight again and resulted in her beach-throws. Capturing iconic items like donuts, burgers and fruit, she has created handy beach throws that pop. Handy to throw in your beach bag, they take up no space at all.

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