Egyptian Art and Handicrafts Flourish at the 7th Annual Tunis Pottery Festival


For three days each year, the tiny village of Tunis hosts a pottery festival which celebrates the astounding talent of both well-established artisans and budding artists alike. The festival brings together art and culture in all its forms; painting, music, carpet weaving, jewelry makers, and woodcrafters. The art of pottery is deeply rooted in the Fayoum Governorate, and supports many surrounding villages like Kom Oshim and Al Nazla. However, Tunis is home to several reputable pottery schools and studios. The serene beauty of village life is reflected in their unique style of pottery, artists adorn their work with a multitude of colors and scenes of fishing folklore, surrounding nature, and animals. Egyptians and expats alike flock to Tunis year-round to admire and buy special pieces to add to their collections, and any piece is sure to make a unique and meaningful gift. The festival is held every year, hosting workshops, cultural seminars, and musical performances from local artists.

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