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The key to creating a standout style by Design Point

Designing your home might be a personal ambition of yours, but when actually faced with the task, it can seem quite daunting. Where do you begin? What style or combination of styles will be your inspiration? Where are the best places to buy or make furniture? All these questions and many, many more may turn what you thought would be a chance to release your creative flair into a design nightmare.

Enter Desgin Point. Founded in 2004 by head designers Karim El Hayawan and Nehal Leheta, Design Point is an interior design studio that provides full design consultation, coordination, and supervision service for turnkey design and space solutions.

Already established as a leading and unique interior design studio and consulting firm for high-end residential and commercial projects, Design Point offers a wide and flexible range of concepts and designs, in addition to specialized consultation services for products available in today’s market.

If you are keen on a comprehensive design for your home, office, or commercial space, there is no better highly energetic and dynamic team than the team of specialized and experienced architects & interior designers at Design Point. The team members take on every new project as a chance to challenge themselves, and to draw from the clients’ character and individuality to make each project stand out with its unique identity.

Designing your home or office space is about meeting your needs, and accommodating your lifestyle, so the talented designers at Design Point make it their mission to acquire a meticulous understanding of those needs. Resulting in something that is tailor-made especially for you, but that is also the most practical and efficient solution for your space.

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