December Horoscopes


Whew… 2016 was quite a ride. Let’s see how we can wind up the year and pave the way for a great 2017. It’s the Festive Season, time to get together with friends, family and workmates, so let’s see how the planets look during December. The first week of the month brings a good deal of feisty energy with some strong Mars aspects in the sign of Aquarius. There is definitely a mood of change in the air, and action rather than mere words. Mercury goes retrograde yet again on December 19th, so except the usual glitches in communication, travel and with machinery. Avoid jumping into situations on the 19th, Mars’ entry into Pisces could provoke emotional reactions rather than clear thinking.

Birthday sign:


The month opens with a build up of energy in your third house of mental processes, short trips and communication. There seems to be a lot on your mind, but when it comes to putting plans into action, timing is key. Use the 12th to express yourself, you should have a unique viewpoint and good insight into an important matter. Take extra care with financial matters after the 19th, carelessness could cost you a lot! If you are celebrating Christmas on the 25th, a mood of friendship and bonding should make it a special day.

Famous Sagittarians:

Bette Midler – Singer and Actress

Brad Pitt – Actor

Frank Sinatra – Singer and Actor

Nelly Karim – Actress and Ballerina

Steven Spielberg – Film Director

Winston Churchill – Statesman

Aries:A born initiator, and even rabble-rouser at times, the first week of the month could see you involved in lots of social activity. If you have a pet project, this is the time to get your friends on board. The mood of the Festive Season may have you little light-headed on the 26th, so if you are confused about the status of a relationship, try to sort it out discreetly, rather than make assumptions. Consolidate your career position in the last week of the month while everyone else is recovering from too much partying.


Your Taurean determination will come to the fore early in December, with your sights firmly set on climbing the career ladder. Heaven help anyone who tries to block your path, the bull can become a bulldozer when the goal is in sight. By the 7th, your ruling planet Venus will add a healthy dose of charm to your approach, so remember to look your best and keep your manners polished to perfection. Mercury’s transit through fellow earth sign Capricorn will sit nicely with your no-nonsense and slightly ruthless mood this month.


Some strong planetary energy in Aquarius harmonizes with Gemini air energy, so anything linked to studies, foreign climes and travel plans should get a boost this month. Mercury’s passage through your 8th house could see you scrambling to collect on old loans, or raise credit to finance your plans. If you are out of town for Christmas Day it should be especially memorable, the 25th has some of the best aspects of the month. If travel is not an option, make sure you wind up your last days of the year with interesting people from a cross-section of cultures.


Difficult as it may be, try to keep finances and close relationships disentangled during December. However, if it is a business partnership, that may present a challenge. It is vital to be clear in communication with key people in your life this month, especially after the 19th when misunderstandings can arise. However, the 25th is brimming over with positive energy, so you may receive an unexpected gift or line of credit. Don’t let this affect your good judgment on the 26th though, keep your feet on the ground!


Any form of close cooperation is supported during that important first week of the month. If you are thinking of a new business partnership, or relationship, you will need to act fast to make the most of opportunities. Your natural enthusiasm and leadership skills can inspire others; even if you want to wear the boss’s hat all the time. You may need to take care of health and workplace issues, frazzled nerves and miscommunication could be your undoing. Get plenty of rest and eat right!


Your ruling planet Mercury will throw the spotlight on issues to do with children, pets, hobbies and your creative impulses. Sounds good? Until the retrograde period that kicks in on the 19th that is. Then things can go a bit haywire, especially with Mars setting up a bit of confrontation when it enters your 7th house of significant others. Start the month with a plan, a simple one, and try to stick to it. Don’t try to tackle too much, and take note of your key supportive days around the 20th and 25th.


You need to get things sorted a little on the home front. That could cover family relationships as well as the domestic environment. This is not a time for procrastination, because events after the 19th could tie you up too much to leave time for chores. Helpful aspects from fellow air sign Aquarius add an element of the unexpected to your romantic life. That’s not a bad thing, either! You could be attracted to somebody a little quirky or avant-garde this month.


Your domestic life is at the fore as December kicks off, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as you should have the energy to handle what comes your way. You need to keep your brain alert and rested because you will probably see an increased level of emails, meetings, and time on the road this month. Try to clear up important tasks before the 19th, as mix-ups and tech glitches could occur during the following days. Best day for home entertaining? The 25th is stellar.


As December opens, you may follow a period of contemplation with a renewed vigor aimed at improving your finances. The Moon in your birth sign will give you all the support you need for this, so make a plan and stick with it. After the 7th this should start to bear fruit. Try to get as much done as possible before the 19th, when Mercury retrogrades in Capricorn. There could be glitches with tech, and household appliances, as well as missed appointments and delays. Take a deep breath or two, and make the most of an absolutely fabulous Christmas Day on the 25th, where the mood of goodwill is brimming over.


Ready to rumble? The 2nd, 3rd and 7th will be days when you should be ready to pull out all the stops and get projects and plans under way. Friends may need your help with tasks, or you may get reined into a community effort of some sort. It’s not all work and no play though; Venus will glide into your birth sign on the 7th bringing enjoyment to your daily routine. You could be slowed down by unexpected circumstances after the 19th, but the 25th  has some great planetary aspects in your sign, so promises to be a fun day.


You are usually the kind soul who pours loads of time and effort into running around after other people, so if you feel a bit worn out as December rolls around you should sit back and let others pull their weight for a change. They can come to you for advice and words of wisdom, but try to leave the hectic side of any activities to others. Events around the 19th may be confusing and frustrating, just keep a low profile and try to ride it out. Rather than big parties, try for a more intimate gathering on the 25th with a few close friends.

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