Creative Industry Summit 2018: Focusing on the Importance of Content



huge range of experts in the field of content creation will participate in the 8th edition of “Creative Industry Summit” on the 17th & 18th of April.

Mai Salama, Co-founder of Creative Industry Summit

The 8th edition of “Creative Industry Summit” is launching on the 17th and 18th of April, with a wide range of international experts participating, in addition to a number of regional and local experts in various creative fields.

Among the most prominent regional and local experts in the summit this year are Eng. Naguib Sawiris, CEO of Orascom Communications, Media & Technology Holding, and Dana Griffin, founder of INNRdesign, an emerging company using neuroscience, artificial intelligence, data analysis and design to improve the performance and growth of individuals and businesses. Leena Kewlani, Brand Content Director at DMS will also be speaking at the summit; Kewlani is in charge of crafting and creating Branded Content, Influencer and E-sports solutions for clients, whilst ensuring seamless delivery across DMS’ and social platforms.

This year, the summit will present a wide range of topics, focusing mainly on “content”. The agenda of the summit will tackle a comprehensive approach towards content of artificial intelligence, business, advertising, marketing, television and digital production, cinema, music, the arts and the future of content and media.

The summit will hold a number of panel discussions, such as “The Importance of Content for Businesses”, which will be led by Eng. Naguib Sawiris in the opening speech of the summit. Several talk sessions will also be held, tackling topics and headlines such as “Video content being applicable across channels”, “How brands can entertain their audience”, ” The future of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on content”, among several others.

Mai Salama, Co-founder of Creative Industry Summit stated that “the agenda of the 8th edition of the Creative Industry Summit will emphasize the vitality of “Content” and how it is a hot topic these days, because we live in a world that is more fragmented than ever. The agenda of the forum includes a comprehensive approach to the content of artificial intelligence, business, advertising, marketing, television and digital production, cinema, music, the arts and the future of content and media.”

Amr Ashraf, Co-founder of Creative Industry Summit 

Amr Ashraf, Co-founder of Creative Industry Summit, stated “after the great success of the 7th edition of the Creative Industry Summit during April 2017, the 8th edition will launch on April 17th, with the participation of a large number of international, regional and local experts.”

Speakers will include regional and international businessmen, experts working in the fields of media, creative and media agencies, branding, media channels, filmmakers, marketing and advertising professionals as well as media professionals; from Egypt, the Middle East and the United States.

Gracing the summit this year is the famous robot Sophia, where Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important content topics to be addressed during the summit on its 8th edition, which is currently a vital topic since it is considered to be one of the fastest growing investment areas, globally. Sophia resembles the latest in robotic technological revolution, and artificial intelligence; she can interact with humans and answer questions meticulously with intuitive speed and reactions matched to humans, which she’ll be doing during the summit with the audience participating.

It is worth mentioning that the summit is witnessing an increasing number of participants each year, and in its current version features a large number of specialists in various creative fields. The Creative Industry Summit is held annually in April consecutively each year, ever since the very first success of the forum in 2014.  The summit also runs a Ramadan edition every year, tackling creative ideas in advertising, drama and e-marketing campaigns that were noticeable during Ramadan; a busy season for all those working within the field of creativity.


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