Creative Egyptian Designers’ Winter Inspirations


ZANG, Alaga, UNTY and Deana Shaaban are four fashion labels that have created completely different winter collections.

By day you can be that cool girl in a bomber jacket with a graphic print sweater, by night you are a chic and worldly woman in a timeless little black dress.


ALLAGA: Is an ethnic homegrown brand of everyday wear. Its’ identity is the Egyptian heritage of the 15 designers that are behind it; each individual has taken up a role in the management of the brand alongside the design aspect. The brand comes with strict guidelines that they only use natural Egyptian fabrics such as linens, cotton, crochet, and tassels made by Egyptian craftswomen or the designers themselves, and the embroidery is all done by hand in Siwa.

The inspiration behind the Allaga winter collection was the Fayoum mummy portraits that are painted on wood panels that  are associated with mummified bodies. Mainly showing the head, and upper chest, viewed frontally. In terms of artistic tradition, the images clearly derive from a time when imperial Rome ruled Egypt.

The Fayum mummy portraits are rich in motifs, colors and silhouettes, which also represent the ethnic diversity in Egypt across history. Allaga has brought Egyptian historical diversity to life in the collection look-book, from the hair to make-up, and models Allaga managed to embody the women of ancient Fayoum.

ZANG: A fresh wave of talent creates a fun, casual, comfortable, energetic brand. They went back to this generation’s childhood to look for inspiration to create their second collection that is set to brighten up any sort of winter blues. With its bold graphics, and hand drawn cartoon characters they are illustrations out of a sketchbook that’s based on the world’s most famous aspects of pop-culture; and cartoons.

Deana Shaaban:

While we love Deana’s classic Roman draped bohemian dresses, it seems that she’s is taking a new approach with this collection, which consists of revamped fashion staples that give you endless styling options. A grey knit lattice worked dress that is one-of-a-kind, giving winter a new essence of independence.



True traditional streetwear is a genre of contemporary apparel, united between sportswear and military looks, and is one that speaks to a spectrum of subcultures. UNTY was driven by the question of “What If?” and then letting your imagination create an alternative reality of what could have happened. Photographer Omar Harbi captured that on this collaboration between creatives.

The pieces are limited, much so that they are only available through Instagram and Facebook order, or through announced events.





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