Create Your Perfect Summer Glow


Create Your Perfect Summer Glow

Looking for products that will keep your skin supple and radiant throughout the long hot days of summer? Young entrepreneur and makeup artist Hana Abdel Aziz brings her choice of top products.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter:

coca butter vaseline 3

This cream works wonders! It is a body lotion cream that keeps your skin soft, especially after a long day of tanning when you need something to cool your body at night.


Bioderma Exfoliating Purifying Gel:


This face wash is the best face wash you’ll ever have! It leaves a light scent on the skin and also contains exfoliating beads so cleanses deeply, leaving your skin smooth and fresh.


Sweet Almond Oil and Geranium oil (Nefertari):

almond oil 3

Natural skin care products are the best for anyone's skin. Sweet almond oil and geranium oil come in a 125ml glass bottle and contains 100% natural sweet almond oil and dried geranium leaves and 100% natural essential geranium oil. Use it after a bath and as a massage oil. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and healthy. This is a must have!


Makeup Forever Primer Step 1 Equalizer, Smoothing Primer:

makeup forever primer water proof 4

This primer is magic! It makes your facial skin feel softer and smoother. Sometimes during the summer we like to add a bit more makeup to look fresh and different. You add a small amount on your fingertips and put it on in a downwards motion on your T-zone so then when you add your makeup on top, it gives you this radiant, smoother looking skin. Definitely a must have for those summer nights.


Avon Elements Youth Restoring Night Cream:

avaon night cream 2


This cream is great after a long day. Summer is known for sticky hot weather and before you sleep you need something to soothe your face; Avon Night Cream does the trick! It is non-greasy and non-sticky, absorbs quickly, oil-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist-tested.




Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Blush Pallet (medium to dark):

anastasia beverly hills 3

This product is great! It helps get you achieve that “bronzed look” for the summer. It also works as a contour pallet. It is very versatile, works amazingly both ways. You can also use it on your eyes as an eye shadow pallet too! I mean, what more can you get out of this product? It is a must-have. It gives you a nice sun-kissed, matt-finished look, just the way you like it!


L’Oreal True Match Foundation:

loreal true match foundation.docx 3

This product is great! It’s neither sticky nor heavy on the skin and blends beautifully, giving a smooth looking finish.


The Falsies Volume Express Mascara by Maybelline (waterproof):

mascara teh falsies volume express 2

This mascara brings out your lashes beautifully. If anyone is looking for some volume this mascara is for you. The brush is just perfect: not too big and not too small, it is the right size for easy application. This mascara is made for summer and has a natural finish.


Mac Lip liner in “Whirl”:

mac lip liner whirl 3

Are you looking for a certain color that’s not too dark and not too light? Then this is the lip liner for you! You can blend it with any lipstick you want. It is great for those summer party nights and will match any outfit you have.


Deluxe Cashmere Nude Lipstick by Flormar:


This is the lipstick for everyone. This lipstick goes with every lip pencil color you have. You can mix it with your pinks, browns, reds, it is perfect and affordable!


Hana Abdel Aziz has always loved experimenting with makeup and sees it as a positive and creative outlet. In her eyes, a person’s face is like a blank canvas and she feels that it is her job to give it life, light and all-round beauty. She loves the confidence it gives her clients.

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