Coppermelt in Mohandessin


With Ramadan just around the corner we decided it was time to hunt down the yummiest desserts, pastries and cakes in Cairo.  Just to be prepared, of course… Once again, we struck gold at Coppermelt’s latest branch, right on Mustapha Mahmoud Square in Mohandessin.

Type of cuisine & Signature Items:

Pastries, salaisons, sandwiches, mini-gateaux, decadent cakes and desserts. To be honest, we loved everything we tried, but top-selling items include the Profiterole Bowl, Black Forest Cake, mini-sandwiches and mini-shawerma.

Items Sampled

Wanting something to start the day on the right track, a cappuccino seemed in order. Beautifully presented, with a side of breadsticks with cinnamon and sugar as well as a more savory sesame seed and oat version, it took the edge off any early morning hunger pangs.  Rather than linger, although the ambience was fresh and inviting, we opted to take a selection of absolutely everything and head for the office.  The charcoal and copper packaging of our selection was so chic and elegant we were almost reluctant to open the boxes. Gladly, we weakened.

Buttery pastry salaisons came with a variety of fillings, from cheese to chicken and spicy sausage. Dainty sandwiches, brownies with peanut butter, truffles, little glazed pots of yummy desserts and much, much more. Everything was perfectly seasoned, packed with flavor and superbly fresh.  The mini-gateaux gave a taste of what we could expect if ordering from Coppermelt’s  range of decadent tarts and cakes. Blissful bites of Black Forest, mouthfuls of mousse-packed caramel and chocolate, delicate pastry shells with crème pâtissière, caramel glaze and fresh dates, fresh and inviting pomegranate tartlets and dainty éclairs, each box was packed with one temptation after another.

Other Menu Items to Try

Where to start? We had indulged to the extreme, and would recommend everything. The inviting sandwiches or savory croissants, stuffed with smoked salmon and other mouth-watering combinations. The mini-quiche? Or maybe the brownie slices, or even the glazed doughnuts with fresh custard-cream  filling?  The Strawberry Cake looked so fresh and light, perfect for a tea party on a summer day, we will be back for that, for sure.


Chic and contemporary, with an air of constrained luxury, the signature palette is charcoal with touches of copper set off by marble flooring. The display cases are a pristine white, with a treasure trove of colorful goodies sitting behind the spotless glass. Seating is limited to a few places on high stools, as it is really more about selecting items to go.

Clientele Mix & Price Range

We are pushed to think of anyone we know who wouldn’t go weak at the knees when confronted by the amazing selection of items at Coppermelt. Price range is moderate to splurge. Be prepared to leave with more than you had intended to.

Delivery, takeaway and catering with a full menu of soups, salads and entrees as well are all available.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 8 am to 12 am

Address: 1 Wadi El Nil St. Mohandessin

Tel:  012 8888 0555

Facebook / Instagram: coppermelt

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