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Coffee in All Its Glory at 30 North

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For people who take their coffee drinking seriously, and those who would like to, 30 North is a veritable shrine to the coffee bean. Considered one of the best coffee places in Shiekh Zayed, 30 North offers artisan coffee, made with various techniques that extract the very ‘nth degree of flavor from your freshly roasted beans. A member of the Specialty Coffee Association, 30 North offers only certified highest quality beans from around the world, prepared expertly by the seasoned roast master. So, whether you crave Brazilian, Guatemalan, Costa Rican, Ethiopian, or a drop of Ugandan, a mug of Colombian, a shot of Kenyan, or even a comforting blend of coffees from across the globe, this is the place to head for.

Type of Cuisine

It’s mainly about the coffee, but the food menu covers breakfast, great sandwiches and mouth-watering pastries, all selected to complement the star attraction. Each coffee can also be selected by preference of bean, and version, so there is something for every taste.

Coffee and Dishes Sampled

Every coffee available is special for its own reason, with a range of aromas, intensities and densities, but we heartily recommend the V60, made with beans of your preference, then brewed and filtered with scientific precision in a copper coffee dripper. It is gives high thermal conductivity which, due to better heat retention, leads to a better extraction. We requested beans from Yemen, based on the country’s rich coffee growing heritage and recent rave reviews on Bloomberg.  It lived up to our expectations.

We sampled the Nitrogen Brew coffee, which came served at room temperature, but with layers and complexity of flavor from Costa Rica beans that really impressed. The Nutella Cappuccino we simply couldn’t resist, was an indulgent, interactive and totally messy concoction that brought out the three-year-olds in us … ’nuff said, try it for yourself.

As it was still some time away from lunch, we kept hunger pangs at bay with the Egg Salmon Benedict, the ultimate breakfast treat. In line with the gourmet standards of 30 North, we were asked how we liked our eggs poached, and they arrived ‘just so’. Bread and pastries are baked in-house; the dainty bread rolls were excellent, and the Banoffee and Strawberry tarts we chose to satisfy our sweet tooth were fresh, indulgent and a perfect way to wind up our morning at 30 North.

Other Appealing Options

 We rather fancy trying the ‘house blend’ coffee, with 30 North’s exclusive mix of selected beans. The sandwiches also looked fantastic, so we will definitely be back for the Chicken Tempura version, and the Tenderloin Focaccia.

Just in case you have already had your caffeine fix for the day, there is a comprehensive choice of juices, shakes, tea and soft drinks.

The Décor

Chic, neutral, mainly black, accented by scrubbed wood, with an almost industrial aesthetic. The powerful coffee roaster, grinders and other machines have an awe-inspiring presence that really sets the mood. Seating is both indoor and outdoor, with comfortable chairs and tables at different heights.

The Ambience

Cosmopolitan and stylish, without too much fuss. Jazz was playing in the background, bringing a relaxed vibe to the surroundings.

Clientele Mix & Price Range

Only three days in from the official launch of 30 North’s flagship store, by 11 am there was a good mix of urban professionals, ladies who meet up for coffee, and even a few families.

Price range is moderate, considering this is a place for an exceptional brew.

Contact Information

Opening hours: 8 am to 10 pm.

Address: Capital Promenade, Sheikh Zayed.

Tel: 0120 382 3030

Website: www.30north.coffee

Facebook / Instagram: 30northcoffee

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