Children›s Back to School Essentials


Back-to-school season has become a bit of a scare… more for parents than for kids. The list of items needed for the start of school seems to be growing year after year. And the choices are multiplying, making decisions even harder to make. It could feel overwhelming, that is why Cairo East Magazine has compiled a roster of essentials and go-to’s that can make this time easier and smoother for any parent… Let the school season begin!



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Hairbands – Claires



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Notebook – Bakier



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Backpack – Bakier





Cross (USA) premium quality pen. Guillermo Forchino (The Netherlands) masterpiece Jansport (USA) school bag Koh-I-Noor (Czech Republic) Extra soft pastel set TYP7_003_front

Jansport Backpack – Dar Saad



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Backpack – Hedeya



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Moleskin – Khodier

Washable Crayons – Volume One



Trainers – Zara

Backpack – Zara

Notebooks – Bakier

Backpack – Bakier

Patent Boots Zara

Thermos – Bakier

Braclects- Claire’s

Junior dragon backpack & Trolly Dragon – Hedeya

Extra soft pastel set- Dar Saad

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