Cairo West Yearbook


Marwan Younis


Creative Director by profession, Younis is a social media sensation who has the ability to  make you laugh till you cry! Currently starring in a multi-episode arc on Abla Fahita, the Begad Man is also an award-winning creative writer, musician, and one of the leading creative minds in the advertising industry. He broke onto the online viral scene with his scathing commentary on the Oscars reporter fiasco, and hasn’t stopped entertaining us with his unique brand of “I’m saying what you’re all thinking” type of social commentary. Begad … we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Likes: Movies, music and swimming.

Dislikes: Stupidity.

Where you can find him: Zamalek.

Mahmoud Mostafa Kamal


 This global citizen has been inspiring Egyptian youth to travel and explore the world through his social media channels and website He is also a recognized automotive writer and content producer, working with brands like BMW, MINI, Jeep, and Pirelli.

Likes: Traveling, driving, rock and metal music, history and exploring historical and cultural places.

Dislikes: Passport control (he likes the stamps though!), embassies, bureaucracy, social media addiction, pollution, and cruelty to animals.

Where you can find him: Hiking in Slovenia, drinking green tea at the Forbidden City in Beijing, or diving in the Canary Islands. When in Egypt, he never leaves Sheikh Zayed, and likes hanging around Arkan and Desert Road cafes.

Ahmed Hassanein


 A Cairo native, this property consultant moonlights as an actor. A former junior tennis champion, Hassanein graduated from a business school, travel whenever he has a chance, and lives and breathes cinema, cinema, cinema! He got a big break in this year’s Ramadan TV series La Totfi2 el Shams and is now auditioning for several roles. Keep an eye on this one!

Likes: Tennis, traveling, cinema, pizza.

Dislikes: Traffic, lizards, winter.

Where you can find him: El Gezira Club.

Biggest influence: Will Smith.

Mahmoud Abd Elmageed

Most Likely To Achieve World Peace

 This business advertising agency owner is also a budding philanthropist! He founded Have A Dream in 2014, an organization that puts together cultural, voluntary and training programs all over the world. It has programs on 3 continents in 12 countries, giving Egyptian youth the chance get huge life-changing experiences through traveling and exchange with new cultures.

Likes: Traveling, exploring cultures, going on adventures.

Dislikes: Failure, being disappointed.

Biggest dream: To live in Africa, build a house, and start development projects for African kids.

Ramez Youssef


A passionate explorer, Ramez Youssef is the Co-Founder and CCO of Tayarah, a digital marketing agency. Youssef was also the presenter of “Mish Impossible”, a hit online show for inspiring people to act towards positive community change. He enjoys engaging in various creative and comedic productions that spread positivity and trying to make the world a better place!

Likes: Family, traveling, and good food!

Dislikes: The US Dollar.

Where you can find him: The office, gym, or anywhere that serves food!

Biggest influence: His Dad. (Awww!)

Hassan Ramzy

Most Likely to Win The Voice

This talented singer has his hands full running two companies! R Productions, an events management and talent agency, and ALAMA, a marketing solutions and BTL company. He is also a really good magician. Well, maybe it’s the magic tricks that allow him to do it all!

Likes: Dogs, food, sleep, video games, and music of course.

Dislikes: Stupidity, being disturbed while eating, overcooked steak.

Where you can find him: Home, office, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Zamalek.

Biggest influence: John Mayer, Michael Bublé, Creed, Metallica, Jack Johnson, 3 Doors Down.

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