A Modern Take on Traditional Egyptian Cuisine restaurant in the Heart of Heliopolis. Battaw Restaurant is fusion at its best, taking the best flavors from the region and combining them to make old recipes new again. Battaw is your grandmother’s food, but with your older sister’s style. Its flavors are nostalgic, but its ingredients are lighter and healthier.

Dishes sampled:

Upon entering the beautiful Battaw restaurant we were treated like royalty; served warm sesame seed topped baladi bread and greeted by everyone with a smile. The staff were well dressed and on point with greeting, hosting, and serving. The menu was extensive, printed on crisp white paper with no pictures and placed on a wooden clip-board; giving it a hip and modern edge. We were excited to try everything as the menu was packed with Middle Eastern classics and family favorites.

The lentil soup was a great start, topped with toasted baladi bread and herb butter giving it a crunch and a kick. It was a huge portion and could have been a meal in itself. After the soup, we sampled the Battaw Tray which is a colorful tray filled with six of Battaw’s signature dips. The baladi bread and the dips were a perfect start to the dinner and could have fed upwards of six people. The dips were all classics but with an artistic twist; the hummus had whole chickpeas on top with a sprinkling of paprika and the lebna was flavorful and light and was mixed with toasted nuts.

For our main course, we couldn’t pick one dish so we picked four. Dish after dish was brought to the table with perfect presentation and made fresh and hot to order. The bamia was cooked with cubed veal giving it a more filling and flavorful edge. The mumbar was brilliant and came feeling lighter than usual and the sujouk was spicy and packed a punch.

Impossibly full, but not willing to give up, we ventured even further down the menu and picked two dessert items, the konafa and sweet potato tart. Just like all the dishes before them, they were almost too good to be true. I would confidently say that each dish was the “best version” of itself that I have had. We cannot wait to go back and try the rest of the menu.

Other menu options that appealed:

The problem is all the menu items are appealing. The menu is full of Egyptian and Lebanese classics, all with a modern and healthy twist.


The décor at Battaw Restaurant is Middle Eastern chic, combining the best of old and new worlds. The large white chairs, the wood tables, the blue and white tiles, the turquoise doors, the crisp white accents, and the soft Mediterranean colors bring everything together. The décor is inviting and comfortable yet modern and sophisticated with large indoor and outdoor areas for guests to enjoy.


The ambience is ultra-modern with a family restaurant vibe. The tables are far enough apart to allow diners privacy. The décor is comfortable yet boasts a high-end sophistication, and the service makes everyone feel like a VIP guest.

Beverages available: Juices, smoothies and other soft options.

Clientele mix:

The clientele ranges from business professionals to families dining together. The restaurant is great for date nights, birthdays, or a quick bite with a friend.

Price range:

While Battaw restaurant is more expensive than typical Egyptian street food, it is for good reason. Each dish is created perfectly, designed with attention to detail, and presented artistically.

Top Tip:

You must visit Battaw with an empty stomach! The portions are large. If you are going to be visiting with more than four people, make a reservation so you can request the perfect indoor or outdoor spot.


Valet Parking



120 El Merghany Street, Heliopolis

Cairo, Egypt

Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday 2pm-1am

Sunday- 9am-1am

Tel:  0100 066 0810

Facebook page: BattawEG

Instagram: @BattawEG

Sujouk Recipe


150gm sujouk (dry-cured beef sausage)

10gm vegetable oil

50gm red onion (cut into wedges)

50gm green pepper (diced into medium pieces)

50gm cherry tomato (cut in half)2gm table salt

5gm garlic (minced)

15gm butter

5gm pine nuts (roasted)

Preparation Method

In a sauté pan place the vegetable oil on medium/high heat

Sauté the onion and garlic for two minutes

Add sujouk mix, green peppers, and cherry tomatoes and mix well for five minutes

Before taking pan off the heat add the salt and mix all ingredients well for forty-five seconds

Place the mix on its serving plate

Garnish with butter and pine nuts



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