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The Exclusive Taste of Six Egyptian Bag Designers

By Hilary Diack

Ask any woman what her most precious wardrobe item is, and odds are it will be her bag. A portable office, hiding place for her deepest secrets, a receptacle for everything from sentimental treasures, her smart-phone, her can’t-live-without make-up, a packed lunch, and those handy credit cards. The key is to find something that expresses your personality, something that will add impact to any outfit.

Local designers have rolled out such scrumptious collections of unique bags that have captured our hearts, and make a totally personal fashion statement. Using a wide range of quality materials, most from genuine leather, they are sturdy but elegant, practical, and in many cases, hand-decorated or painted with a distinctly Egyptian vibe.


Best friends and KikoTio founders Habiba Omar and Reham Alaa launched their collection of leather bags as a way of combining their passion for art and fashion. Each unique bag in the KikoTio line is embellished with eccentric hand-painted artwork and is truly the result of amazing craftsmanship.


Wearable Art that is one of a kind. Marsuma is all about hand-painted urban wear. From hand painted bags to clutches, and sneakers. Personalized and customized to your liking. Any image, picture or painting you like can be hand painted on to your bag.
Nihal Basha

  • Nihal Basha is a young Egyptian designer who creates bags that are trendy, comfortable and distinctive. Her designs have become style staples amongst the many of the fashion cognoscenti.


Nevin Altmann

In 1988 on a journey to the Siwa Oasis Nevin Altmann discovered pieces of handmade crafts and embroidery designed in the traditional way by the women of Siwa. Now Nevin’s daughter Tamara has opened up her own shop in her mother’s name, continuing her commitment to creating wonderful bags and accessories where traditional Egyptian art can blend with modern fashion and design.




Founded in early 2009, Nuniz is the brainchild of Nadia Zarkani and her life-long love affair with leather bags. Driven with passion and a keen eye, Nuniz creates exclusive bags of exceptional quality, unique design and flawless finishing.


ZAAM Designs

ZAAM is an Egyptian handbags and clutches maker who creates novel designs in mouth-watering colors, original patterns and quality materials with attention to detail, all with affordable prices.




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Nihal Basha

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Nevin Altmann



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Zaam Designs

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