Kick-Start Your Own Business with these 3 Start-ups by AUC Alumni


Every day we come across new startups and initiatives that deserve a little spotlight. Our picks this month comes from a group of AUC alumni who have each put their vision into action with great results to help you start your business.


Cherryroad is an Egyptian F&B and Retail consultancy company offering a unique range of skills and knowledge to improve all aspects of the industry.

Whether you have an established business needing some innovation and assistance in driving better profits or a new concept that needs a lift, Cherryroad can help you out through different innovative and valuable approaches to give you a competitive edge.

The company offers comprehensive end-to-end solutions and proven expertise in restaurant and retail concept development, operation and management of brands outlets across Egypt. With its industry wide experience, in just a short span of time Cherryroad has developed a strong reputation through launching different projects. The company holds some established F&B brands, including Butcher’s Burger, Chicken & Ribs and Shawarma Garage.

Contact info:

Tel: 01090040420

Facebook: Cherryroadeg

Instagram: cherryroadeg

Dr. Hanan El Basha – The Business Doctor

When you want to turn your ideas into a profitable and sustainable business, to have the freedom to say no to demands that don’t align with your beliefs, and say yes to work that truly fulfils you, Dr. Hanan El Basha could be the business doctor you need. Dr. Hanan works with entrepreneurs who need to gain insight on the sticking points, realign the direction of their business, and move forward with confidence while maintaining an optimal life- work balance.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need to identify and unblock problem areas in creating a sustainable business, or need to know if your idea is viable in order to achieve financial freedom for you and your family, this could be the answer. Dr. Hanan’s 6-month Wellness Pursuit course takes you through everything you need to transform your personal and professional life.

Wellness Pursuit is a holistic business coaching program for women who are ready to transform their lives and want the best guidance possible as they leap into their new venture. They’ll be guided through start-up phase and receive ongoing support while they navigate through their entrepreneurial life.

Contact info:


Facebook: HBTheBusinessDoctor

Instagram: hb_thebusinessdoctor

Mariam Moussa – Life and Business Coach

Mariam Moussa believes that coaching aims to be the flame that ignites the spark in every individual to enable them to transform into their fullest potential and live a fulfilled life while honoring their values and living according to their life purpose.

One of her core coaching beliefs is that we are all different, and what works for you doesn’t necessarily work for me. Her coaching aims to encourage transformation through tapping into a person’s unique inner resources, creativity and magnificence in order to reach the desired outcome.

Her Co-Active Coaching is a holistic approach that works with the whole person, the being of the person as well as the doing; who they are as well as what they do. Co-Active Coaching works with the mental wellbeing, emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing, and spiritual wellbeing of the person. Courses and sessions include Individual Personal Coaching, Team Personal Coaching, Individual Professional Coaching, Team Professional Coaching, Coaching for Managers and Life Tuning programs.

Contact info:

Tel: 0122 231 8990

Facebook: Mariam.Moussa.Coaching

Instagram: mariam_moussa_coach

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