Art Scene




Artist: Mohamed Damrawy

Address:15 El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz Street, Mohandessin

When:  6th March- 17th March

Details: Damrawy realized from the beginning that there is no value to art if it doesn’t come from a conscious mind. Only by this way, the viewer, dazzled by the reality in which we live, can feel the world around him.




The Arts-Mart Gallery

Exhibition: Fragments of a Luminary

Artist: Omar El Nagdi

Address: Km 28, Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, before Dandy Mall and behind Total petrol Station

When:  5th February – 5th March

Details: Arts Mart is pleased to announce the opening of its latest exhibition, Omar El Nagdi “Fragments of a Luminary”, a retrospective show featuring eighty artworks of the iconic Egyptian artist.




Exhibition: THE KEY


When:  15th March – 15th April

Details: “The Key” is a strategic East-West peace building art exhibition that uses the globally

recognized ancient Egyptian symbol of the Ankh as the canvas for a contemporary message of hope for a harmonious, peaceful and tolerant world. Organized by Caravan,  “TheKey”showcases the work of 40 premier Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Western visual artists and is focused on a modern three-dimensional fiberglass portrayal.




Exhibition: Doves & Crows

Artist: Yasser Rostom

Address:8 El Kamel Mohamed Street, Zamalek

When:  9th February-15th March

Details: “If you look at drawing, which is that silent poetry, you will find the truth marked for you” Sheikh Mohamed Abdou (March 18, 1904)

As we reflect on the fifth anniversary of a defining moment in our history, Cairo-based surrealist painter Yasser Rostom sheds light on different aspects of the current geopolitical events. Featuring a new body of work in “Doves and Crows,” Rostom mixes literalism with symbolism to create layers of meanings and accentuate the ills afflicting the region as well as the hopes that could salvage the peoples.



al Mashrabia

Exhibition: Humanity

Artist: Amy Abdel Baky

Address: 80 Mohi Eldin Abul Ezz Street, Dokki

When:  20th February – 5th March

Details: Amy’s choice of colour and texture reflect the movement and state of what humans have reached in its vast arrays. “Man does not live on bread alone.” There is love for the fearful, there is joy for the mourning, and there is hope for the hopless. Earth has no sorrow when skies can heal…..




Exhibition: Indelible

Artist: Randa Shaath

Address: 5 Ibrahim Naguib Street, Garden City

When:  21st  February – 5th April

Details: Randa Shaath is known for her lucid black and white photographs that document the daily life of Cairo residents, and the rapid transformations that the city has witnessed over the last decade or so. In her latest exhibition entitled “Indelible”, Shaath asks: when does one feel at home? Shaath explores this question through a suite of more than forty colour photographs that she has been working on for the last two years.




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