Art Jan 2017


Gypsum Gallery

Exhibition: Dawn Portraits

Artist : Huda Lutfi

Address: 5 Ibrahim Naguib St, Ground Floor, Apt 2, Garden City.

When: 12th January – 6th February 2017



Al Masar Gallery

Exhibition: Before Dawn

Artist : Sami Aboul Azm

Address: 157B, 26 July St. Zamalek.

When: 13th December 2016 – 17th January 2017 Details: The first light after long nights is just a tiny distance between night and light. Such a brief

moment when light is so dim swiftly creates a divine psychological dreamy mode and magical charm, which overwhelm everything around it, when night and light suddenly blend until daylight flourishes.The borderless first light is always full of memories, fears, and illusions. At this moment, things and beings undress their reality creating an honest dialogue between everything present. At this moment we find that the window’s broken glass which we overlook life through it suddenly vanishes, leaving nothing seems as it really is.



Exhibition: A Glimpse of Heritage

Artist : Mohamed Abla

Address: 6, Brazil St., Zamalek.

When: 10th January – 9th  February, 2017

Details: Safarkhan has the utmost pleasure to present to you its first ever showing for esteemed Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla in ‘A Glimpse of Heritage’ in what promises to be a resounding and moving display of his most diverse creations. Pieces that indulge in themes of travel, exploration, antiquity and the lost and captivating charm of far-off lands, the mesmerizing allure of Oriental scenery of our old heritage as well as modern scenery of our cities, and their curious but enthralling inhabitants.



Mashrabia Gallery

Exhibition: Slow War

Artist : Ali Abdel-Mohsen

Address: 8, Champollion St. Downtown.

When: 15th January – 16th February 2017

Details: ​Ali Abdel Mohsen uses line drawings and acrylic colours mixed with dirt and cigarette ashes on the surfaces of disused cardboard boxes to convey his impressions of decline in contemporary society. Strongly influenced by his surroundings, his work depicts a dystopic world of nihilism and paranoia. The individual plays no role: his subjects are faceless victims of the system. Slow War is his fourth solo exhibition.



Exhibition: Outbound

Address: 24, Gamal El-Din Abou El-Mahasen St., Garden City.

When: Until January 31, 2016

Details: The result is an exhibition that aims to be an occasion to discover the hidden aesthetics’ possibilities of waste materials and a platform for discussion on the role of the artworks in the public context. Thanks to the willingness of the Swiss Cooperation to Open wonderful Garden City garden to the public, the exhibition will run for about three months, after which the individual works will reach their final destination in different places in the city.

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