Art Feb 2017



Exhibition: Raas Baladi M’aa Asal Eswed

Artist :  Mohamed Taman

Address:  8 El Kamel Mohamed St.,


When: 17th January – 10th  February, 2017

Details: Raas Baladi M’aa Asal Eswed literally means ‘Belly Dancing with Black Honey›. A pun on popular Arabic expressions, very colloquial Egyptian-Arabic in fact, the exhibition, as much as the unique painting technique, challenges first impressions and calls on the viewer to question what he/she sees, hears, and reads.

Gypsum gallery

Exhibition: Dawn Portraits

Artist: Huda Lutfi

Address: 8 El Kamel Mohamed St.,


When: 12th January – 6th  February, 2017

Details: To show “Dawn Portraits”, a solo exhibition by artist and cultural

historian Huda Lutfi. Lutfi is renowned for her meticulously crafted and politically charged

collages, assemblages and installations incorporating found material that she hunts for in the flea markets, bookstores and workshops of Downtown Cairo where she lives and works. Alongside her compelling visual chronicles of Cairo and its loaded history, Lutfi has continued to paint a steady stream of personal, expressive portraits of women.


Exhibition: Inner Dialogue

Artist: Hazem Taha Hussein

Address:  8 El Kamel Mohamed St.,


When: 7th February – 2nd  March, 2017

Details: Shut off from my surroundings – an inner dialogue that is exactly how I feel and hence, what I express, in this exhibition. I do not need to document the events unfolding in the world today, or in my life. The use of the language of abstraction and semi-abstraction emerges from an inner need to form visually my own virtual world. In this world, I am free to criticize, shout or reject without feeling the need to justify myself. For now, it is simply my way of communication.


Exhibition: Moulid Ya Donia

Artist: Zakaria El Zeini

Address: 6, Brazil St., Zamalek

When: 13th February – 10th  March, 2017

Details: Safarkhan has the utmost pleasure to introduce to you the talented and internationally esteemed artist Zakaria El Zeini (1932-1993), who has successfully imprinted his unique and tasteful stamp on the modern Egyptian art scene. El Zeini was raised in suburban Cairo before graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts, he then explored his innate love for painting in one of the art capitals of the world at the Pravana Academy in Venice, Italy. El Zeini would then return to his homeland and at the Faculty of Fine Arts, this time as a distinguished professor. His works exhibit a versatile and highly talented artistic portfolio, the ability to switch styles based on his particular experiences at the time which gives this exhibition a highly varied and differentiated feel. As one explores each piece in succession, his skill in portraying and conveying multiple topics and themes through noticeably distinctive techniques, which is often a rarity in conventional exhibitions, is apparent. After his death in 1993, he has since been recognized as one of the greatest Egyptian and Arab artists of his generation.

Galleria Soul

Exhibition: Sculpture Now

Artists: Different Egyptian Artists

Address:  Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna

When: 3rd January – 1st April 2017.

Details: Galleria Soul, in collaboration with Darb 17/18 is proud to present Sculpture Now, a collective art show. 15 different Egyptian artists, displaying their art work in a variety of materials.  Galleria Soul has 17 out of 19 pieces and 2 pieces are displayed at Lullany Concept restaurant at Fanadir Hotel, New Marina.

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