April Stars – 2017


By Maeri Frances

It seems only yesterday that a retrograde Mercury played havoc with our daily routines, and yet, here we go again. At least we know the drill, back up computers, don’t delay that maintenance on your car, and avoid plans to launch major projects between April the 9th and May the 3rd. Even Venus, the planet of prosperity, love and harmony continues in retrograde until the 15th of April, so tread cautiously where financial and romantic plans are concerned. We won’t even mention the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto retrogrades, let’s just get on with what we can as pragmatically as possible. That said, have the best April possible!

P.S. Don’t forget, your rising sign plays a big role, so check that out as well if you know it.

Aries Birthdays: Amr Zaki (footballer) April 1st, Ibrahim Salah (footballer) April 1st, Emad El Sayed (footballer) , April 6th, Mohamed Imam (actor) April 8th, Amr Waked (actor) April 12th , Ayman Moheyeldin (news anchor) April 18th, Ahmed Hassan Mekky (footballer), April 20th,  Ramez Galal (TV show host) April 20th.

Our Birthday Sign:


A typical Aries likes to have a clear path to get on with the job at hand, so frustration levels may zoom as you encounter a few roadblocks. Try to hit the ground running and get as much as possible done in the first week. Failing that, you could find yourself with your hands full in the last few days of the month. You may see the light at the end of the tunnel around the 28th.


Don’t neglect your circle of friends this month. No matter how busy you are they still may feel that you are being aloof. Make an effort and by the 15th things should be patched up. Set your personal pace for April on the 6th, a powerhouse aspect between Mars in your birth sign and Pluto should give you the energy and determination to fuel your aims. The 20th may see you tempted to speak up about something. You may later wish you hadn’t, so think twice.


Your planetary ruler Mercury is up to some mischief, and as the action falls in your solar 11th  house of friendships and peer groups you will have to be careful to keep your communication clear and transparent. Friends could seem unreliable, joint plans may fall through, but your best course of action is to keep a sense of humor and remember that, this too shall pass. From the 21st, Mars will be in your birth sign, so expect to be busy, but with ample energy to help you cope.


Try as you may, this month may not be made for much progress in matters you would like to see resolved. Career issues might be stagnant, and not much support seems forthcoming from your social circle. Patience, and more patience seem to be what is needed. It could be that there is a major issue, possibly regarding health or a relationship that is really at the root of it all, and other decisions are really dependent on the outcome. As summer gets under way things should become clearer.


In spite of your best efforts to reach your immediate goals, it looks as though you will need to be more flexible and allow things to evolve at their own pace. You need all the ingredients in place to get the result, and some factors are still pending, like money… Rethink your plans, you may need to postpone something, or be on standby for an opportunity if it comes suddenly during the last week of the month. Friendships could be either a source of motivation, or irritation; it’s up to how you approach them.


Denial and avoidance tactics will work for a while, but sooner or later you need to face up to reality, especially when it comes to handling debts and sorting out your finances. This is a month to face the music and look at a long-term plan that could actually work. Seek professional advice if that will help, rather than just fretting and developing ulcers. By month’s end it will all seem like a bad dream anyway. If you have the chance to make a trip somewhere nice for a change of scene, without blowing the bank, just go for it!


April is generally a month when the focus falls on close relationships and how you interact with others. You have had a reasonably easy time with Jupiter’s presence in your birth sign, but now as he goes into retrograde mode, you may need to make more of an effort instead of hoping things will fall neatly into place. Your ninth house is stimulated as Mars enters fellow air sign Gemini. This could be a signal to look at your qualifications; do you need to take an extra course to get ahead? Or maybe foreign climes are beckoning?


By looking at which solar houses the retrograde planets fall in you may get some insight into which areas of your life you need to tidy up. Mercury slides from your relationship and partnerships zone back into your work and daily routine house. Are you communicating clearly with loved ones and colleagues? Pluto in your third house could mean that your tendency to avoid revealing your inner motives may be backfiring. And are you allocating expenditure as efficiently as possible? Get things in order for better times ahead.


Just when you were hoping for a month when recent frustrations would melt away, it looks as though your nerves and patience will need to battle on a few weeks longer. Balancing work and home life gets tricky, there aren’t enough hours in the day it seems. Matters involving children, creative projects and romance are in the spotlight, things may be delayed or need extra care on this front. And all of this costs more than you anticipated. Never mind, next month should be better!


Prepare yourself for lots of home and family time this April. Children will need attention, and the mood for spring-cleaning may hit you. And why not? ‘Tis the season. Mercury retrograde will prompt you to create a super-efficient storage and labeling system, a place for everything and everything in its place. Events that unfold at month’s end may leave you feeling a little disempowered, but trust in the universe, and go with the flow.


One golden rule for the month. Think before you speak, double check your mail before pressing the send button. Ok, so that’s two. Both important, Oh, and pay more attention while driving. Those pesky retrograde planets are asking you to slow down, look at what needs refining and reorganizing in your life. Systems are not your thing usually, but sometimes they can be useful. Think about it.


Join the club. Every sign seems to have its money woes these days, are you are in the same boat. Use your wonderful inspirational energy to keep everyone’s spirits aloft by finding cheap, or free ways to make the most of your leisure time. More than anyone, you have the ability to find a silver lining in most clouds. In your own quiet way, let your leadership skills show the path to accepting what can’t be changed, for the moment.

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