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For as long as I could remember sports have been a part of my life – a non-negotiable part of my childhood, and I have my parents to thank for that! Once I had my children, I found that the only way to survive parenthood was one phone call to “mama”, my sneakers, and a kickass playlist pounding in my ears. That one hour a day took me somewhere which often resulted in an unbelievable surge of energy and release. I wanted to provide people with a space where they could try something new, something intense (I don’t do boring), something safe (given my physiotherapy background), and something that ultimately worked from the inside out; mind, body, heart, soul. B-URN was launched in October 2015.

People who love B-URNing!

My youngest client is 16 years old, and my eldest is 68. I have a soft spot for special cases, so when given the opportunity to help someone using the B-URN method I include my physiotherapy practice. Seeing someone in my class on their first day and watching their progress a few weeks later is my high. It works. You get stronger, fitter, gain confidence in yourself, and you ultimately see a change in your physical fitness and appearance. My trainers are handpicked gems, none of what I have created would be a success without each and every one of them. I’m blessed.

 B-URN is about #thehappy

I believe in feeling good. Once that’s checked off, you’ll automatically start seeing changes in your physical health. Our world is full of stressors and the rate of anxiety and lack of self-confidence is sky rocketing. If people only knew that one bout of exercise is equivalent to popping a Xanax, this world would be a happier, healthier place.

What you get from B-URN is #thehappy, a concept that just came to life on its own, it’s the mental and physical release you get after a good workout. I got a phone call from a client whom went from pre-natal training with me, to post workout B-URN(ing) with me, it went something like this:  “Amina, I’m not sure what’s going on, but after your class I just feel happy!” And in a nutshell, she spelt out what I had been trying to figure out and preach. Sure, I was flattered, but it’s really just pure science.

What protects your body protects your mind. Here’s the scientific why and how: when you exercise, you wake up your sympathetic nervous system, also known as fight or flight response; an increased heart rate and breathing. Strangely enough, the same thing happens when someone goes into a panic/anxiety attack. At B-URN, we get you to experience the symptoms and work through them. We talk you through the physical pain, which might give you an emotional release. We’re basically tricking the body… while its expecting an attack, it ends up with positive association with the symptoms – for me, that’s magic and as BADASS as it gets.

B-URN is all about being yourself and using exercise as a means to just BE. Clients are urged to come in, b-strong, b-weak, b-mean, b-good, just B- themselves for 45 minutes. The outcome is #thehappy … weight loss fat loss and all that good stuff are just given side effects.

In a nutshell, B-URN is my #thehappy.

Getting kids to B-URN

My theory is when you jump, they jump!  Kids need to see their parents setting examples, then it becomes a normal part of their life and they will pass it down too!

The power of the mind

I truly believe that the mind can convince you out of anything, so you’ve got to preempt that and rip the Bandaid off. When that alarm rings, get up, don’t snooze. When it’s time to sign up, just sign up. There’s no perfect time to start “getting fit”, but it’s always a perfect time to B-URN. My trainers motivate, they don’t judge. They do it with heart and passion, and sometimes that’s all you need to start a life changing experience.

Getting personal…

Once you’re on the B-URN mailing list, you’ll hear all about my personal experiences. I’m not the healthiest person in the world, and that’s one thing I try to be transparent about with my clients. I don’t diet, I give into cravings, I have cellulite and stretch marks, and I’m conscious about my body. The only way I’ve stuck to a fitness routine is when I commit to classes, if I don’t pre-plan my workouts, I would probably flake. Also, my children ask me everyday what kind of a workout I did, and I always have to give them an honest answer so that pushes me, too. Lastly, I will only go back to trainers who take me to that “sweet spot”, it’s got to be challenging, it’s got to be fun, it’s got to be one of a kind. If I cry and laugh at the end of your class, you know you’re going to be my new obsession. I’ve had ups and downs, and the funny thing is that exercise has always been the one thing that made the highs higher and the lows non-existent.

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