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Abla Fahita Opens Up to Cairo West Magazine

On Sampling The Buffet of Men, Crossing All Lines, and More!

When Cairo West Magazine called Abla Fahita she was on a boat in Aswan as part of her initiative for domestic travel, along with 22 women from the group Korba Association for Widows and Divorcees. Abla found a few minutes to give our interruption the privilege of being honored with her attention. Here are her answers to a few questions…

CWM: Why do they call you “Abla”?

AF: Abla Fahita is the name of my first YouTube video, it kind of stuck ever after, maybe it was the push that gave me the right to be Abla (the teacher) for the grownups. So you better behave, Abla is here.

After the death of your husband, and with all the men who are after you, are you planning to remarry?

Not at all, I was married at least once and I know, there is a pleasure in an open buffet that you cannot compare. You keep on trying different dishes, it’s never fun getting stuck with one thing on your plate forever.

As a wonderful mother, what is your strategy in raising Carcoura?

I believe girls should be taught the hard way so they grow up tough and strong in a testosterone-ruled society. I sent her to boys’ schools, and I treat her like a bad stepmother- but deep inside she’s my daughter and that’s something I cannot change. Caro Carcoura is a piece of my heart… sometimes.

What does Abla Fahita fear the most?

I don’t fear much, fear doesn’t take you anywhere nice. I’ve learnt that, and now I’m teaching it on t-shirt quotes #yehedo_elkhouf #yehedo_elghabaa –  but again you never know how dumb they can get. The dumb ones breed faster, and also fear looking older than Ghada Ragab.

What is your favorite song by you?

‘I Will Survive’ by El Sabbouha – it’s always playing in my head when something bad happens.

Who dresses you up? Who is your favorite designer?

After Krikor Jabotian and Cherbel Zoe, Hany El Beheiry is my latest designer, he’s chasing any designer who gets close to me – he’s really protective but I’m a widow and I’ve got my needs. My favorite is Coco, she Chaneled the whole world.

Who does your hair?

When Glovise is not having a nervous breakdown it’s Richard – pronounced Richaaar…




Since you wear very expensive jewelry, who is your favorite designer?

I accept all kinds of gifts, from fashion and jewelry designers, and once I wear them I tag them and make them famous. Nihal Zaki gave me a beautiful session, I hardly recognized myself, but she had something against Caro. (Abla Fahita starts chatting with others in the background then comes again to the phone), sorry what was I saying … yess. I would love Azza Fahmy to make me a jewelry line with my jewelry sayings. Or at least she should start by sending me gifts; she is a smart woman and knows who to gift something special to win them over.

Did you ever see it coming? That you were going to be this famous?

I was born different, I knew I should expect the unexpected, so I’m not surprised or humbled easily, you don’t know me? I thought you knew me, everyone knows me, it’s known!

Where do you like traveling the most?

My late husband, may God bless my soul, showed me the world. I remember Amsterdam and Ibiza were our favorites; it may be where we conceived Caro and Boudi… crazy times… my late husband – may he rest forever late – was my captain into the world of traveling, him the captain and me the stewardess, and when I did something wrong he would pull the mask and … oh how do I miss his distinguished kinkiness.

What’s your favorite word?


When you sang “Mayestahlushi” who were you referring to?

I dedicate this song to all those who don’t deserve my attention: oxymoronic as I like it. I had to let it out of my system, so I put it all in a song so I don’t have to think about them anymore. I’m a widow and I know! Your shield is your indifference, even if it takes a bit of time. Eventually you’ll be people proof.

What are your future plans?

I’m always open to suggestions. An intelligent widow knows it best, the future is always ahead of you, but its seeds are planted now, so seeds the moment, (she chuckles).

And as Odetta always says, “My near future depends on my present state, so bring me that slice,” me too. I don’t compromise on my now – it’s all in how you take things in, so I never did. You too find something to be happy about. You sound depressed habibti… go dye your hair.

Are you planning to go international?

I am international already. Small international maybe, but I was covered by BBC, Time magazine, from Deutcsh to Dutch and CCTV in between. Still need working on my translated humor to be able to help more desperate English-understanding people around the world.




Do you improvise before each episode?

I improvise when I have to, my life is properly improvised.

Do you have red lines that you cannot cross?

I’ve crossed all kinds of colored lines, sometimes unintentionally – but it will always be a struggle, between what you want to say and who will judge it. I see it as an extra spice for living on the edge.

Are these all the questions?

Ya Susu – tub yalla, I have to go introduce the girls to the local scouting team! yehedeha filling the generation gap..

Yehedaha el spelling mistakes!

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