5 Ways to Protect Your Skin During Summer


Summer is around the corner; everyone is probably getting ready for an extraordinary trip by the sea. To enjoy the summer without having exposure to the sun's rays damage your skin, follow these simple and easy tips, so you can enjoy the sun while protecting your skin and staying healthy.


1- Sun Blocksunblock

 Putting on sunblock must be one of the most important methods for protecting your skin during summer. It will decrease the risk of cancer and saves your face from getting wrinkles as well as keeping it looking toned and young. Apply at least SPF 15 at all times.



2- Fatty Acid Foodsfatty acids


Water is undoubtedly good for your body, but it’s not enough when it comes to moisturizing your skin. On that note, try to add walnuts, flaxseeds, salmon and olive oil to your diet. These fatty acids are rich in H20, which will keep you moisturized.



3- Cover Upcover up

Without a shadow of the doubt, the rays of the sun are the worst between the hours of 12-4 pm. Your chances of getting sunstroke are high, so you better bring your biggest shades to protect your eyes, and your hats and caps to protect you.

4- Natural Ingredients Coconut-Oil-Web

If you do get burned or exposed to too much sun, it’s best to use natural ingredients like coconut oil or yoghurt to nourish your skin, and to relieve your burn level as much as possible. Repeat until you feel comfortable.



5- Keep it FreshKeep it fresh


To keep your skin hydrated and fresh during summer time, body lotions can exfoliate the skin and clean out dark pores. On that note, try to be extra careful while using any skin product, as they work on removing the outer layer skin, causing the new one to be more sensitive to the sun.


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