5 Ways to Know Your Spouse Better


By Alyaa Sadek 

When you get married and start settling down, you will think about ways to nurture your relationship. Marriage will need work, in order for you to grow and develop new facets to your relationship as a couple. To nurture a healthy marriage you must accept the fact that there is always more to learn. Use these five approaches to enrich the spark between you.


1- Have Deep Regular Conversationsdeeper-conversation





One way to stay close and grow together is to have deep regular conversations about your feelings in all areas of your lives. This way you will solidify your mental and emotional connection, as well as have a greater idea of what makes your spouse happy.








                                              2- Become Adventurous Together adventurous together





Break the monotony of your usual routine by going out of your comfort zone.  Explore new things together, whether it’s a new restaurant around the corner, or a new hobby you were both eager to try. Being in out-of-the-ordinary  situations, or in different surroundings will add excitement to your marriage.





 3- Go on Regular Walks Togethercouples-walk     




Going for a walk together will give you a chance to free your minds, it’s also a great exercise. Chatting will allow you to be in sync about each other’s daily lives. Sometimes walks can trigger some old memories, away from the distractions of your daily life.







4- Hangout With Old FriendsHangout With Old Friends


There is always a different side of us that comes out when we start hanging out with old friends. You’ll see how your partner starts acting differently, and it can be exciting to explore the young side of your spouse through old friends. But don’t forget to let your friends know if there are any forbidden topics.








5- Take Classes Togetherclass together                                 



One way to explore your relationship is to start taking courses that make room for new topics to talk about. Even if you’re busy, try to find some time to have a one-day workshop together on something that you both are interested in.

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