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5 Different Fitness Activities for Couples in Cairo


If you’re looking for ways to connect and have fun with your partner while burning the calories, Cairo offers a number of both indoor and outdoor activities. Here are some options to explore if you fancy spending some time together in an unconventional way.


Bask in the sun, enjoy scenic views of the Nile and nature, and make special memories with your partner. You can go solo or ride in a double kayak, just make sure you waterproof your camera or phone due to the splash factor! Kayaking is a great low impact full body workout if you set a less leisurely pace.


You may not think cycling can be an enjoyable activity in a city like Cairo, but some suburbs offer a pleasurable experience. The Cairo Cycling Club organizes bike rides in Katameya every weekend for early risers, and special events are organized throughout the year visiting different locales and places around Egypt with lovely scenery. Egypt is also launching a new bike lane along the Cairo/Sokhna highway in an effort to encourage cycling as a sport in Egypt!


Picking up a long-term sport and goal together will be challenge, and some couples love the motivation. So why not build up to a marathon? Cairo Runners organizes bi-weekly runs that build up stamina and endurance to their final half marathon 17k run along the Nile. They also host a variety of camps all around Egypt each season visiting places like Ismailia, Alexandria, Dahab, Luxor and more.


A little romance, a little intimacy, and a lot of shimmying! There are several options for learning a move or two here in Cairo, and it has the potential to recreate the connection of those early days of your love. Whether it’s Ballroom, Tango, Samba or Salsa; the music and mood will do the job.


Animal lovers will enjoy this, and there are countless stables in the Maryotia area to enjoy a more secluded outing rather than the tourist traps located in the Pyramids area. Enjoy an outing in the desert and see the city from atop sand dunes, or take a more low-key stroll through the Egyptian countryside and see a side of your hometown you may not be familiar with. Invest in some classes and learn how to trot correctly, this will give you the leg and back muscle training for full fitness benefits.

Contact Information

Nile Kayak Club

Facebook: NileKayakClub
Tel: 0101 001 3335

Cairo Cyclists Club

Email: cairocyclistsclub@yahoogroups.com
Web: cairocyclists.wordpress.com/regular-rides

Cairo Runners

Email: info@cairorunners.com
Tel: 0106 951 7982

Dansation Egypt

Facebook: DansationEgypt
Tel: 010 0085 0153/012 0000 1781

Arthur Murray Egypt

Facebook: ArthurMurrayEgypt
Tel: 02 2751 5006

Adam Dance Studio

Facebook: adamdancestudio
Tel: 0100 555 5137

KFB Stables

Tel: 0106 507 0288
Web: www.kfbstables.net

El Serginy Riding Club

Facebook: elseginyridingclub
Tel: 0106 044 5577

Cairo Horse Riding School

Facebook: cairohorseridingschool
Tel: 0120 736 2425

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