5 Egyptian Jewelry Designers We All Should Be Wearing


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by Maria Fahy


The right piece of jewelry can make or break an outfit. To find the perfect necklace, earrings, bracelet, or ring can be challenging. Any designer hopes to elicit a reaction from customers who will wear the piece of jewelry and develop a connection with it. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or any other piece of jewelry, that’s the best reward any designer can ask for.

Cairo West Magazine shines the spotlight on some of our favorite emerging jewelry designers. They may not household names yet, but they are definitely well on their way.

  1. Cairo Jewelry.

Sisters Sally and Menna Abdel Mageed have mastered the art of mixed media jewelry, using items like natural Italian leather, seed beads, gemstones, clay, copper, wood and natural fur. Capturing their inspiration from different ancient arts, they create Folk, Pharaonic, Islamic, African and contemporary art in unique pieces by using geometric design, resulting in impressive luxurious jewelry. Cairo Jewelry is displaying their items now at Asfour El Nil shop in Zamalek, Studio Zafer in Zamalek and Tiffany’s boutique in Paris.


Instagram: Cairo Jewelry


  1. Dido Embaby.

Passionate Egyptian jewelry designer Ahmed Embaby creates one-of-a-kind quality pieces. The Distortion Collection features a new way of bringing a three-dimensional perspective to jewelry, while keeping it as a 2D piece. Embaby is always thinking outside the box, trying to shake up the conventional idea that jewelry should be a flat piece.

The website is currently under construction: www.didoembaby.com However, for one-on-one contact  try Facebook or Instagram accounts:

Facebook: Dido Embaby’s Calligraphy and Jewelry Design

Instagram: De Jewellery


  1. Indira Jewelry.

Trained at a young age to have to an eye for quality jewelry, Marwa Saadawi’s designs make a simple statement. They are bold, exotic, stunning sterling silver pieces, often accentuated by a variety of materials such as leather and silk. The collection is made up of geometric designs, defined by curves, angles, and volume, giving you that simple classic statement piece.

Selling on Facebook and Instagram. Indira Jewelry is now also  available on souq.com  and at       ABn’G in the Zamalek branch.:

Facebook: Indira Jewelry

Instagram: Indira_nyc


  1. Mema Jewellery.

Ask any woman where they bought or received a certain piece of jewelry, and they will tell you a story. Jewelry today is more of a fashion statement or a reflection of who you are. Mema’s drop earrings are a must have for every woman, as they represent what a statement earring really is. They are pieces that every strong independent woman should own, that will complement any outfit she decides to wear, whether it’s day or night.

For any inquiries email: info@memajewellery.com

Website: www.memajewellery.com

Facebook: MEMA El Shafey



  1. Reem Jano Jewelry.

After graduating from the Azza Fahmy Design Studio, Reem Jano created a collection inspired by the “Free Fly”. The power of freedom expressed through each piece is luxury and vibrancy in itself. She creates timeless pieces and explains, “Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique”.

Facebook: Reem Jano Jewelry

Instagram: Reem Jano Jewelry

For more information call or WhatsApp 01010002700

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