5 Beauty Products Straight Out Of Your Kitchen


Turning your very own kitchen into a spa retreat is a lot more efficient and healthy than any artificial products, which are unnatural and expensive. There are a lot of beauty tricks and recipes hidden in your kitchen, all you need to do is mix a few ingredients to get these easy natural beautifying products. 


Natural Bronzing


Tanning was never that easy until we found this little secret. For a healthy tanned look, grab a jar and fill half of it with cocoa powder, then add 4 tablespoons of cinnamon and arrowroot until you get the tone that you’d like.


Effortlessly White Teeth


An effective way to whiten your teeth is to use strawberries and baking soda. Start by crushing some strawberries mixed with baking soda, place them in a tooth tray, and leave for half an hour. Repeat until your teeth are as white as you desire, to speed up the process you can add one tablespoon of olive oil.


Sugar Scrub


Sugar intake isn’t that good for your body. It is, however, a great ingredient for self-skin caring. It’s great in tightening and softening your skin. For healthy skin, mix brown or white sugar with olive and almond oil, then rub and massage your skin for a couple of minutes.


Oil Cleansing


There’s no doubt that soap does a great job in scrubbing your skin, but it leaves your skin dehydrated. On that note, keep your skin healthy by using natural ingredients without having to pull out essential oils. Blend three quarters of olive or almond oil with quarter Castor oil and massage your body.


Food Facial Mask


No need for a spa, when you can just use your food instead. Rubbing breakfast on your face will not only help rejuvenate your skin, but it will also save you loads of money. For a facial mask that leaves skin glowing, mix some honey, yogurt, and whipped egg whites and rub on your face.

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