4 Must Have Gadgets for Summer


Holidays are for getting back to basics and losing the tech … except for a few things we just can’t live without while we’re kicking back on the beach this summer! Check out our top picks for Sa7el Season.

Party time!

Share the music and the mood with UE MEGABOOM. Let the sound flow 360 degrees with this wireless Bluetooth speaker that amps it up as high as you like. It has all sorts of fancy tricks, such as the PartyUp App from Ultimate Ears, which allows you to wirelessly connect more than 50 UE speakers at the same time with a mobile range up to 33 m.

Coffee Cravings

Been dreaming of a portable espresso machine that works when you can’t connect to a power plug? Wacaco Portable Espresso maker can do just that. Check it out.

Gimme the Power

Tap into the sun’s energy to keep connected. This handy little power bank will keep your devices charged and is so eco-friendly.

Beach Bliss

No more crick in your neck while you are working on the perfect tan. Travel Blue 222 Ultimate Pillow is fully washable and an easy size to carry. Snooze away the effects of last night’s party in comfort.

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