10 Tips for Hosting a Halloween Party


Fall has fallen upon us. Crispy blue sky, cooler nights, the season of all things pumpkin and spice, and of course with fall comes Halloween. Every year, more and more, in the month of October, we are caught up with a number of parties and activities surrounding the occasion. After all, who doesn’t love an excuse to party?

If you’re hosting a Halloween party, failing to plan is planning to fail. Keep this in mind and let’s get spooky!

Set the mood of your party by sending out themed invites. There are plenty of applications out there to make your life easier. Sending e-vites via smartphone can prove more efficient in receiving RSVPs.

Plan ahead. Whenever planning a gathering, make sure your invite contains: who, where, when, what, and how (location pins are very handy). There’s no shame in setting up a pick up time if you’re hosting kids.

Establish a budget. It is always good to set a limit to prevent getting carried away. No need to break the bank and wake up the next day with a financial hang-over.

Get your house ready. Hang witches’ hats, a broom, carved pumpkins, lit lanterns, candles, and faux spider webs. Your local party supply shop will have lots of props and devilish decoration to give your home that ghostly hunted feeling. If your home is giving out Halloween treats, decorate your door as a sign for the kids out trick or treating to come ring your doorbell.

Get a costume. Make your own costume, why not? An old shirt and a ripped pair of jeans would just need some red stains and that’s a start. Let your imagination flow. Very young children generally prefer to wear their favourite princess or superhero, the older they get, and understand the idea of Halloween, the more themed their costumes become.

Build a creepy Halloween playlist. At least to start your party with and set up the mood. Show off your moves on the dance floor with oldies like Thriller and Ghostbusters. These are proven hits.

Serve freaky food. Feed your guests some ghoulish treats. Gross looking but delicious treats. Spooky fingers, anyone?

Name your mocktails. From potions to magic brews. Serve karkade (hibiscus juice) in syringes. Wrap, white tape around juice boxes and add some wobbly eyes to them, turning them into mummies. How fun is it to be drinking Hocus Pocus or a Poison Apple Juice?

Only treats, no tricks. Halloween is about the costume, but mostly it’s for children who look forward to bingeing on candy. Maybe you don’t want to give out candy, but at least give out a treat. Hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, even popcorn bags with a spider ring or plastic eye-ball.

Choose a corner and set up a photo booth, gathering your guests together against a Halloween backdrop to snap some pictures. It is fun and entertaining. Your guests will have great laughs and some boooo-tiful pictures later on.


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