Your January Stars


The year may be winding down, but there is still plenty of action in store for the month ahead. If you know your rising sign we suggest that you read that as well to get extra insight.

By Maeri Frances

Not just a new month, it’s a new year. Are we going to embrace it with passion and optimism or slide into it rather cautiously, not sure which way it should be handled? Those big planets, Uranus and Pluto, still square off against each other. They do move slowly, don’t they? Saturn changes signs, passing into philosophical, truth –seeking Sagittarius, meaning patience and forbearance will have to be applied in many matters. So, globally we will continue to see elements looking for change locking horns with the heavies that hold the cards.  January planetary line-ups hold a mix of challenges and good times, so put your best foot forward and make the most of it.



21 March –20 April

A lot of the planetary action plays out in your career and networking spheres. You may be out and about, jostling for position in the social and business arenas. With Uranus, the planet with a few unexpected tricks up his sleeve, still slowly cruising through your birth sign; you need to be alert to changes as they arise. Inevitably family and domestic life may suffer, don’t let loved ones feel ignored, no matter how busy you are. Your best days could be the 13th and 14th for social occasions and networking.


21 April –21 May

It will be hard to steer clear of the spotlight this January, so put in an extra effort on the job and look your best at all times. There may be a chance to slip in a quick trip early in January. So make the most of it, it could be a while before you get another holiday. As the month draws to an end your social life and friendships will be revving up nicely, seeing you spending a lot of time away from family and domestic routine. Again, great days are the 13th and 14th, especially for any important career matters. Take an Aries along to help seal the deal!


 22 May –21 June

Saturn lumbers into your solar 7th house of relationships as the year kicks off. You may find added responsibilities in this area, or a cooling off in your closest relationships. This theme will remain throughout the year. It’s not all negative, any partnership that is solid will be able to reinforce itself even further, it’s the shaky ones that might flounder. Your constant craving for change and variety may prompt you take an unplanned trip. The second week of January is a lovely time to catch up with friends you haven’t seen for a while, either close to home or abroad.


22 June –22 July

If you have already made your New Year resolutions you might like to add a couple more, namely not to spend more than you earn and to take better care of your health. Cancerians are sensitive and emotional by nature, so can be victims of mood-based eating patterns. Jibes and teasing from a loved one will not help any resolve you have to diet. Tread carefully around the 15th, especially if your birthday falls at the end of the first week of July. Don’t feel left out. January may not traditionally be your best month of the year, it can only get better.


23 July –22 August

There may be an awareness creeping up on you that the excellent run you have been experiencing could be slowing down. Hopefully you made hay while the sun was shining. It seems this month that someone else is in the driver’s seat, something that never works well for you. Like it or not, let them call the shots, for the moment. The days from 10th to the 13th of January are super for spending quality time with a loved one, or putting together the sweetest business partnership ever. Just read the fine print carefully and tie it up before the 22nd.



23 August –23 September

Take things easy in the first week, it should have been a busy and enjoyable festive season for you. After that you are back in work mode, and you can expect it to be full on. You can also get any diet and fitness regime back on track, with great planetary support. Don’t worry too much about a tiff with a loved one around the 19th; it is probably just an over-reaction and a misunderstanding. Don’t feed the fire and it will sort itself out in time. Try to get important papers and agreements settled before the 22nd, that’s when your ruling planet Mercury goes into retrograde and it’s ‘Whoops’ time again!


24 September – 23 October

Get set for a rather romantic month, especially if you are looking for Mr. or Ms. Right.  Again, the magic days are between 10th and 16th of January. Children could be a great source of fun for any Libra parents, so find some good bonding activities and sports you can all enjoy. The second week of January should be one to remember for all the right reasons. Anything to watch out for? Home matters may still need attention, not just family, it could be something that needs restoration or repairs. The latter part of the month is a good time to tackle chores you have been putting off, rather than starting new projects.


24 October –22 November

Things should feel a bit easier as Saturn moves on, but you should be able to look back on some solid progress that you have achieved. Put this down to hard work, strategic planning and good research on your part. So, where is the energy flowing this month? For you, it seems to focus a lot on the home. Cosy evenings snuggled up with your special person, long intimate chats, or even a good movie, you don’t seem to be in the mood for hitting the town. Equally, home entertaining could be fun, throw a dinner party around the 12th or 13th, with a quirky theme to amuse your guests.


23 November –21 December

It’s likely that you feel the weight of extra responsibilities looming up ahead: it’s Saturn entering your birth sign. You have been there before, think back 28 or 29 years or so, if you are old enough. Mind you, there are always a few added factors in the mix. At core, it is a definite learning curve, onerous though it might seem while you go through it. This month you may feel an urgent need to move, communicate and express yourself. Why not start a blog or keep a diary? After the 22nd the Mercury retrograde may cause mix-ups, so read your emails again before you press the ‘send’ button.


22 December –20 January

It’s your birthday month, in case you were too wrapped up in other things to notice. Financially you seem to be on a roll, so you can clear any backlog of bills that have piled up. Things may slow in this area after the 22nd, even to the point that you need to chase up on missed payments. With your ruling planet Saturn entering Sagittarius you may be entering a more reclusive phase, or may be spending time visiting someone, possibly an older person who is not able to get out and about. Emotions could run high around the 19th.


21 January –19 February

With a whole bundle of planets transiting your birth sign you could be overloaded with action. It may seem that everyone is depending on you to come up with the ‘goods’, flattering maybe, but also hard work. There won’t be much breathing space so get things finished as they arise, circumstances or simply ‘burnout’  may slow you down by the end of the 3rd week of January. Beware of urges to make impulse buys around the 19th, you may regret them later, or find the product faulty.


20 February –20 March

Take this month to recoup your energy, hibernate and prepare for a feistier period coming up. It’s winter anyway, and work matters may be sluggish, so don’t feel guilty about having some quality time with yourself. Read those books that have been gathering dust and answer old emails. You may be feeling moody and sensitive as well. As a Pisces, your feet can be a sensitive area, if you detect a minor problem; chilblains for instance, have it taken care of before it really starts to bother you. Then you can party in February!


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