Your February STARS


By Maeri Frances

Let’s celebrate love; after all, it is Valentine’s Day. Whether you are a die-hard romantic, an elusive solo traveller, or happily ensconced in marital bliss, love has to be part of your life, it gives purpose to your very being. How will this month play out for you?



Our Birthday Sign


21 January –19 February

Reputed at times to be cool, aloof and a little too independent. It’s true, you can be all of these, but those who know you will attest to your warm heart and genuine friendship. Venus will be transiting your solar 12th house during the first half of the month, meaning that while romance may certainly be on your agenda, you will not be going around wearing your heart on your sleeve. The action is all discreetly behind the scenes until after the 17th. Key dates for making the most of precious moments with someone special are the 10th, and the 14th.


21 March –20 April

Aries doesn’t waste time getting down to business, in love or war. You are not shy when it comes to either, and this month is no exception. In fact, you often have trouble keeping the two apart. However, this February sees your mind strongly on career progress, and joint finances rather than the sentimental side of life. Days that promise some romance are the 7th, when a lover’s tiff could end up in an affectionate reconciliation, and the 10th, when Venus and Jupiter align rather nicely. Valentine’s Day itself looks better for a night out with a loved one and a bunch of friends.


21 April –21 May

Venus-ruled Taurus just laps up everything that Valentine’s Day stands for, so we hope you are showered in chocolates, roses and just enough shiny baubles to keep you happy. Venus cruises through Capricorn in the first half of the month, not its most comfortable placement, but luckily it harmonizes with your practical nature. Unattached Taureans may find romance while travelling, or receive interest from someone outside of their usual milieu. The exotic will appeal more than the homegrown variety. Best days look to be the 6th, 7th and 10th.


 22 May –21 June

There may be too much water and earth activity with the planets this month for airy Gemini to feel comfortable. That is at least until around mid-month, when Mercury and Venus enter your fellow air sign Aquarius. If you have an Aquarian in your life seize the opportunity to share ideas, shoot the breeze, have light-hearted fun and escape the more materialistic and emotionally torrid side of the traditional month for love. Stellar days for you should be from the 14th to 17th.


22 June –22 July

Security and expressions of affection mean a lot to emotional and tradition-loving Cancer. Heaven help any spouse or suitor that does not pay due respect on Valentine’s Day, it will not be forgotten easily. Luckily the planets are giving you support, Venus spends time in your house of relationships: in good aspect with Mars in your house of romance as Valentine’s Day draws near. Make the most of good aspects around the 6th and 10th, and the 14th when energy and emotions run high.


23 July –22 August

Ah, Leo. With the biggest heart you can find. If you are someone’s Valentine they must surely feel the luckiest person in the world. February starts with enough action on the work front to keep you bogged down with routine matters, unless of course single lions and lionesses are warming up to an office flirtation. Love is definitely in the air during the second half of the month. Marriages should benefit from tenderness and improved communication. Singles should be on the lookout for air signs, Aquarius and Gemini, to keep them on their toes.


23 August –23 September

Jupiter’s presence in your birth sign may have been easing you into a state of complacency; things really have been opening up for you these days. Now that planets are firing up your areas of communication, sports, recreation and amour, you have no excuse not to kick up your heels and join in the general mood. Plan a short trip, or at least a date somewhere interesting with a person who appreciates your love of nature and culture. Most compatible signs for you this month are Scorpio and Capricorn, and days that shine are the 6th and the 10th.



24 September – 23 October

Family and home matters still take up a lot of time and attention during the first half of February, possible with some renovations or new decor. It may see your hard earned cash being stretched to the limit, so budget carefully. After that you can catch up on parties, hobbies, fun with your kids, or simply set your own inner-child free. Partnership issues may still feel a bit like a rollercoaster at times, days to tread carefully are the 1st and the 7th. Your best days could be around the 10th of the month.


22 December –20 January

Energy levels are still likely to be good for you, so long as you don’t try to overdo things. Watch out for fevers, especially flu-related around the 7th and 8th. In spite of that you look set for a great Valentine’s month. Communication will play a vital role in this, so be open about expressing your feelings. Your most romantic out-on-the-town days are around the 10th and 11th, after that it seems that you will be happier to spend time at home.


23 November –21 December

A lot of your plans depend on having ready cash, so finances could preoccupy you to some extent these days. Be prepared for changes to plans, unexpected news, and chance meetings this February. The 6th of February has helpful aspects, so could be good for any important meetings and negotiations. Mars lurking in your 12th house might indicate a need to attend to a health issue, as well as someone stirring things up behind the scenes. Be on guard!


22 December –20 January

It’s your month to sparkle. Venus and Mercury in your birth sign in the first two weeks will give you an unmistakable charisma, as well as the gift of the gab. This will probably be followed up by an improvement in income, so seize the moment and don’t let opportunities go to waste. The first ten days of February are great for putting plans into action, try to get Virgos and Scorpios on your side, they could be very supportive.



20 February –20 March

You are blessed with some wonderful friends, and this Valentine’s month will let you appreciate them to the full. Your social calendar should be heavily booked, and you need to be fit and healthy to keep up with the pace. A lot of your dreams seem to becoming reality these days, largely through the goodwill of people close to you. Days to make the most of include the 6th, 10th and 14th, after that you may be looking for some peace and quiet!


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