Your Astro-Kid


What do the Sun Signs say?

It’s not easy being a mom or dad. Every child is a unique, and sometimes a confusing mix of joy, contradictions and questions. So where do you start?

When we study a child’s astrological chart, we can get some insight into how we can best guide him or her through those vital developmental years. Although a chart is drawn up to show the planets positions at the exact time and location of birth, with all planetary positions playing an important role, it is still fun to see how much is revealed in a simple Sun Sign analysis.

Of course, environmental factors, decisions made by parents, education, and the child’s own free will can have a strong influence on how freely the characteristics play out. Why not see how the quick profiles capture the essence of your little one, you may be surprised.


The Sun:

In a child’s chart, the Sun will reveal much about his or her emerging personality. Your child’s abilities and challenges are often described by the qualities of the Sun Sign.

The wise parent will train the child to manifest the positive qualities of the Sun Sign. The position of the Sun also helps us understand what motivates our children.  The Sun also represents the child’s perception of the father (or dominant parent) and the qualities the child identifies with within the father. From here, we extend our understanding of this relationship to authorities and adults in general and later, to the child’s understanding of his own life purpose.


Sun in Aries

(21 March-20 April)

Aries is a Fire sign and its symbol is the Ram. Fire inspires and he is apt to be enterprising, a born leader! He is probably quite daring and not afraid to try out something new.

He can’t help but put himself first, so you may have to help him balance a “me first” approach by learning to consider the needs of others. The Aries child enjoys making choices and needs plenty of opportunity to make decisions. He will learn by experience and consequences rather than by pure advice! Because he tends to leap before he looks, you may need extraordinary patience in helping him learn to abide by the rules. Remember, his greatest test in life could be acquiring patience, easier said than done when the fire to act rises up within him!

Aries is the sign of ego, so can be prone to temper tantrums. Your little Aries is likely to be assertive, first in line, and may become angry if told to wait! Because they are so energetic, Aries children often excel at sports, even Aries babies benefit by lots of room in which to crawl!


Sun in Taurus

(21 April-21 May) 

Taurus is an Earth sign and its symbol is The Bull. Earth sign children need proper materials and assignments to get to work! Your Taurean is practical and purposeful. Taurean children have well developed senses, they love to touch, smell and listen. Taureans are known to have “green thumbs.” They can have a special affinity for gardening.  Taurus are also gourmets of the zodiac so your Taurus child might have much to say about what he or she will and will not eat. Above all, the Taurus child seeks comfort and security in material things. If Taurus overeats it may often be to seek comfort.

Others may find your child gentle and kind. But the bull can be stubborn! The more you push, the more unyielding Taurus is likely to become. Your child may identify with things, holding on to old slippers and habits way beyond their usefulness. Taureans may often try to be possessive with their friends.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty and the arts. Since Taurus also relates to the throat, many fine singers. Even baby Taureans will respond to a lovely voice, the sound of rippling water, or a lullaby! As your child matures, you may notice a love for fine and beautiful things in the clothes and furnishings he or she selects.


Sun in Gemini

(22 May-21 June) 

Gemini is an Air sign and its symbol is The Twins. Gemini is here, there and everywhere, like quicksilver. Your little Gemini was born to investigate, search, and explore. Gemini likes to communicate by all available means: talking, writing, broadcasting, learning foreign languages. Even a young Gemini will become attached to any smartphone or tablet available. Some Gemini children are chatterboxes. Others are exceptionally witty. But, it is important to teach your Gemini to be still and to listen to what others have to say.

All manner of transportation may catch Gemini’s attention; scooters, bicycles, skates, anything that will help them get around. Gemini children can be into many projects at once, but it is essential to your little Gemini’s future success to develop the ability to focus and complete the task at hand.

Gemini children are born mimics.  Sometimes the Gemini ability to pick up quickly amounts to a high degree of impressionability. A good book is like a treasured friend to children of this double air (mind) sign. Stack up your library! They are usually quick learners, and can do well at school, when they pay attention.

Gemini children seek variety in everything; clothes, food, books and in everyday experience. Some have trouble staying still! Guide them in using their energy constructively, and they will achieve a lot.


Sun in Cancer

(22 June-22 July) 

Cancer is a Water sign and its symbol is The Crab. Cancers respond to being needed by caring for others. Water sign children are typically sensitive, responsive, affectionate and kind. Your Cancer child needs to feel secure. He or she is apt to need much love and reassurance, especially at home and from Mom. Cancerians need to exercise self-discipline to deal with changing moods and emotions. Sulking, brooding, feeling sorry for one’s self are moods that need to be avoided.  Assure your child that you love him but never give in to whining!

Cancer is the sign of the mother and like a good mother; the Cancer child often possesses good common sense and is mothering and protective to all. Cancer children often love music, meditation and peaceful activities. Other Cancer favorites are cooking, growing things, caring for pets, fixing whatever. Many Cancer children are multi-talented.

Of all the signs, Cancer is the most family-oriented, and the most influenced by the environment.

Like the crab, with a hard shell but soft inside, the Cancer child may hide in his room and sulk, or enter a world of his own making, if his feelings have been hurt or to escape a harsh environment. Keep communication open, but discourage whining and emotional manipulation.


Sun in Leo

(23 July-22 August) 

Leo is a Fire sign and its symbol is The Lion. Your little Leo Lion radiates warmth and affection and is apt to be outgoing, overflowing, and generous, and genuinely concerned with the welfare of others. Always the leader, if not the center of any group, your child seldom fails to attract attention. If he feels left out or unnoticed he may resort to negative attention, better in his mind than none!

Leo children exhibit strong emotions. Typically, the Leo child thrives on praise, and delights in showing you his accomplishments and how proud he is of himself!

Look for opportunities to place him in the limelight. Leo is the sign of performance. A family party can be a fun time to shine and show off a special skill such as singing, charades, or skits.

Like a king, he may take for granted the good things in life. Teach your Leo youngster always to give thanks and express appreciation for what others do for him. Leo is the sign of amusements and recreations. Many Leo children enjoy parties and participating in sports.

To motivate him, devise ways to make learning fun. Then again, life is not all fun and games.

Leo children may need to learn the importance of finishing the job, simply because it has to be done.


Sun in Virgo

(23 August-21 September)

Virgo is an Earth sign and its symbol is The Virgin. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of mind and Virgo children are typically curious about nature and their physical environment. Some children of this sign are manually dexterous or show early signs of mechanical ability. Even toddler Virgos especially enjoy mechanical toys and those that can be taken apart and put back together again.

Interested in helping, Virgo children are often truly compassionate, worrying about the welfare of others.

Some Virgo children are shy, because they tend to be overly critical of themselves or their performance. For the little Virgo, good is hardly ever good enough if not perfect! Remind your child that what matters is that he always try to do his best.

Many are naturals at math and have an affinity for reading. Writing and teaching are Virgo skills waiting to be developed! Because they need to nurture and instruct others, Virgo children usually enjoy caring for pets and younger siblings. They have a way with details, favorable for many professions such as teaching, engineering and bookkeeping.

Virgo is earthy and little Virgos are acutely aware of their bodies. Baby Virgos can be quite uncomfortable if wet or unattended so toilet training is an important phase for the toddler.  Some Virgo children are fussy about what and when they eat.


Sun in Libra

(22 September-22 October)

Libra is an Air sign and its symbol is The Scales. Always seeking a mirror, the Libra child tends to look for his identity through the eyes of others. Throughout his childhood, your little Libra will look to others for clues to know himself. The Libra child seeks to please and put forth his best to measure up to your praise. Close friendships mean a lot to your child.

Libran children need to develop self-confidence and a strong sense of identity. They need to be taught the importance of trust and honesty in all their interactions.  Because Librans see both sides, they have a strong sense of fairness, but may have trouble making decisions.

Librans are born diplomats and can get along with almost anyone. They need to learn to say “No” (rather than trying always to make someone happy).  Librans are attracted to beauty and peace.

Some Libran children will resort to lying rather than rock the boat. By all means, stress honesty and openness in your household.

Even Libran babies will respond to flowers, color and other touches of beauty and harmony

in their surroundings. Most Libran children like to dress well. Your child may have artistic talent that you will want to cultivate. Your child is almost certainly sociable and benefits by early training in social skills and graces. Libran children can be charming hosts and hostesses at parties and school functions.


Sun in Scorpio

(23 October-21 November)

Scorpio is a Water sign and its symbols are The Scorpion, The Phoenix and The Eagle. Water sign children are typically sensitive, responsive, considerate and kind. Your Scorpio child needs to feel secure, in control of his environment. He is extremely sensitive, picking up on other people’s feelings and hidden motivations. The Scorpio child is so sensitive that occasionally he may withdraw, perceiving that an adult is capable of physically or emotionally hurting him.

Scorpio is a powerful sign and Scorpio children respect power as rules, laid down and applied with love. Your child has the inner strength to say “No!”  and to go without, if need be, but desire can be very strong in this sign. He needs to have a clear idea of right and wrong from babyhood.  He may need encouragement to be willing to share.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Scorpio children can become intensely angry or manipulative when they don’t get their way. Scorpio energy is dynamically creative.

Intense and sometimes driven, he’s able to cut through to the heart of things.

Scorpios experience life on a deep, emotional level. Your child may be moody. Like other children of the water signs, Scorpio children are soothed by music.

Scorpio children tend to be loners in some way. Scorpios are adept at masking their true feelings, so it’s important that you establish trust with your child, and keep the avenues of communication open.


Sun in Sagittarius

(22 November-21 December) 

Sagittarius is a Fire sign and its symbol is The Archer. Your fiery archer likes to be out-front, frank, and even rough and tumble at times. He gets to the heart of any subject and tells it like it is! Sagittarians are generally outgoing and well-liked, but they’re notorious for being too blunt. Teach your child tact and social graces. Do not allow rudeness in your household.

Sagittarians are the explorers of the zodiac and do not generally take to boundaries readily.  The challenge begins at toddler age when he takes off in all directions! Older Sagittarians may have trouble staying put in a school chair all day! No wonder! This sign’s natural impulse is to transcend all limitation.

Your child may be a born adventurer. Nevertheless, watch out for signs of “dare-devilry” that border on arrogance! All children need to learn to play by the rules and Sagittarian youngsters are no exceptions. Sagittarian children love to travel, it’s true, but not just physically. They travel with their minds. Seek ways to introduce your child to a wide range of subjects.

Sagittarians are typically friendly and outspoken,they have a love for the law and a natural sense of fairness. Even more important than book learning Sagittarian children may be exposed to a variety of diverse environments and experiences: the park, the marketplace, the mountains, and the sea. Sagittarians are also known to be outdoors people and enjoy participating in or following sports. Horseback riding comes naturally to many children of this sign.


Sun in Capricorn

(22 December-20 January)

Capricorn is an Earth sign and its symbol is The Goat. Capricorns may seem old when they’re young, and young when they’re old. The Capricorn child is not too emotional, but rather objective, business-like, and self-disciplined. He is mature, reliable, and has a natural sense of duty. The Capricorn child understands how to be systematic and can be delegated responsibility.

Your little Capricorn may seem so grown up and busy that you forget to give plenty of cuddles. Let your Capricorn youngster know that you love him, even if he seems cool and self-sufficient. The Capricorn child enjoys playing the “boss”. He might enjoy helping out in the family business or helping around the house! He will be attracted to grown-up “toys” such as calculators, computers and anything that relates to work. Practical Capricorn children like to construct and build things.  Make sure you keep him or her well stocked with toys that can be made into something.

Because he is responsible, he may be sensitive to not excelling at whatever he tries! Be gentle with your little Capricorn. If parents and teachers are too critical or judgmental it can leave lifetime scars.  Capricorns are born administrators so don’t be surprised if they end up in a good position, even in the government. Most importantly, teach your little Capricorn to balance material ambitions with spiritual values, to work for the good of all and to acknowledge that the source of power comes from within.


Sun in Aquarius

(21 January-19 February)

Aquarius is an Air sign and its symbol is The Waterbearer, who pours out the waters of life to all. Like other Air sign children, Aquarians are friendly and like to socialize. Aquarius is the sign of fraternity. Friendship and camaraderie mean a lot to the Aquarian child. Don’t be surprised if among his friends are a few offbeat characters! He himself may be somehow unique, different, and perhaps even eccentric! Because Aquarius is a mental sign on the fixed cross, your child may be stubborn about his ideas. He may insist upon doing things “my way”! On the positive side, once your little water-bearer makes a friend, his loyalty tends to be unwavering.

Aquarians are known to be open-minded and democratic, but can become intolerant or aloof of what they perceive as lesser minds. Discourage a “know-it-all” attitude should it appear.

It is said that Aquarians live in the future. They are inventive and innovative. If he can’t find a kindred soul who understands his vision, the Aquarian child can feel quite alone. Because the Aquarian child may tend to live in his head, he may need help getting in touch with his own feelings. He may need to learn to be more sensitive to other children who are more emotional than he.

Your Aquarian child may be more interested in the world of thought and ideas than in sports and physical activity, and many have a fascination for anything technological. Electronics, computers, and space travel may capture his attention. Above all, the true Aquarian is progressive and enjoys putting into practice new ideas and reforms that help this world be a better place to live in. As he grows, he will want to keep abreast of the news. He may be searching for a cause. Aquarius is the sign of freedom. Aquarian children love to be with people, but also demand time and space to be alone.


Sun in Pisces

(20 February-20 March)

Pisces is a Water sign and its symbol is The Fishes. Water sign children are typically sensitive, responsive, affectionate and kind. Water is reflective so Piscean children enjoy peaceful surroundings. They often benefit through meditation and enjoy listening to classical music. Pisceans are known to be long-suffering, taking a lot for the sake of upholding beliefs and ideals. Your child will look for ways to help others, but must learn to discriminate lest he be taken advantage of because of his inherent kindness. Children born under this sign can be impressionable on a subconscious level. That is to say, they can absorb the atmosphere around them almost by osmosis! Sometimes Piscean children empathize so much with someone else’s burden that tears flow freely. The Pisceans child’s sense of individuality may be unclear due to his identification with the suffering of others. Teach him always to affirm his self-worth. The little Piscean who gives freely can be hurt by fair weather friends. He could feel rejected when those less sensitive fail to show appreciation for his services.

Your child is likely to be unusually intuitive. He may know things without being able to explain why. He may be funny, able to laugh at himself, and inspire others.  Piscean children are imaginative and creative, but may hide in fantasies when the going gets hard. Your child could appear dreamy.  Stress the practical side of life. Intuition, imagination, and a love of fantasy may lead to a career in art, dance, or writing.

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