Willing to Work?


By Hilary Diack


If anyone tries to tell you there are no good jobs up for grabs just spend a few minutes checking out these sites. Add to these the plethora of career sections on the websites of most large companies and you will be spoilt for choice.



Bayt is a comprehensive site for positions in Egypt and the Middle East region. It offers loads of useful information as well.



EFE Egypt

EFE Egypt was established in 2007 to give youth a brighter future while helping businesses find the skilled entry-level employees they need. EFE Egypt has launched programs to prepare unemployed Egyptian youth to succeed as employees and entrepreneurs.




The American Chamber of Commerce has a great website with a variety of jobs in well-known companies, many of which are multi-nationals. You can upload your C.V. or browse through their database.



Vacancies for Fresh Graduates

This is a good site for new graduates to check. Jobs posted seem to be with dynamic companies that offer good growth potential.



Linked In

If you are a member of Linked In and looking to change your work you can access their database of interesting positions. To top it off, they will keep you posted as to anything in the market that might interest you as well.

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Jobs Egypt

You can actually find positions available throughout the region in addition to a wide selection in Egypt. The site is updated regularly so is a handy resource.




Cantalop is a job search engine that aims to revolutionize the way people search for jobs in Egypt; an easy-to-use online tool.




This relatively new website has a great database of good jobs in many fields. Well worth a look!




This well-known resource has a diverse range of job listings for Egypt and the region.



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