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Summer at the beach can be unforgiving at times. This is when months of winter hibernation, too many hours in front of the TV, and lots of comfort food show on our lightly covered beach-bare bods. Traditionally considered a female domain, body-sculpting procedures are now becoming a hot trend with men. While there is no disputing that a healthy diet and good exercise routine are optimum for a toned physique, a little cosmetic help can also go a long way. Cairo West Magazine sat down with leading plastic surgeon Dr. Hani Nabil, to learn what is available and what results can be expected.


CWM: Dr. Hani, which are the most frequently requested body-sculpting procedures for men?

Generally we see a high demand for procedures targeting specific deposits of excess body fat. Excess fat around the upper hip area, or ‘love handles’ are a common problem. We also deal with cases of gynecomastia, which is the removal of excess fat in the breast area. Of course, our 6-pack procedure is extremely popular, as it trims away fat to reveal the natural muscle structure underneath. We handle reshaping of double chins and belly reductions as well.

What techniques are used?

We utilize different levels of liposuction and lipo-sculpture to remove stubborn localized areas of fat. The technology selected depends on the individual case, and amount of fat that is to be removed. It could involve Vaser® ultrasound technology, which stands out in its ability to differentiate targeted fat from other important tissues – such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, giving a superb degree of precision, rapid healing, and great results.  The latest state-of the-art PowerX® System is a power-assisted liposuction device. It is built for speed and rotates based on predetermined angle and speed settings, allowing us to quickly remove fatty tissue all the way around the cannula. Depending on the case requirements we might alternatively use Smartlipo® laser technology or Moller’s Vibrasate® vibration technology. These procedures are all quick and have minimal downtime for recovery.

So, how long does it generally take and how much downtime is generally required after each procedure?

We can carry out a session in around 60 minutes. There may be a slight discomfort for around 24 – 48 hours, with light bruising for up to ten days. That makes it possible to have a 6-pack procedure in time to hit the beach with family and friends.

Are any of these procedures non-invasive?

The aforementioned are defined as minimally invasive procedures. For cases where only 2-3cm of stubborn fat need to be removed we might recommend cryolipolysis, or Cool- Sculpting. In this procedure fat cells are targeted and frozen to the point that they are broken down. The body can then dispose of them through its normal processes. This is a non-invasive and highly effective technique, which targets fat cells without damage to other cells and tissue. This program does not require anesthesia, leaves no scars, and does not require any post treatment. Ninety-two percent of patients who had just one CoolSculpting treatment had a noticeable reduction of fat in the treated area

What benefits would a man experience from these procedures?

Apart from the obvious cosmetic ones, such as a trimmer physique and defined muscular structure, the removal of excess adipose fat also can reduce the risk of weight related medical incidents like stroke and heart attacks. While a procedure can make an immediate and noticeable difference we also encourage patients to support this with a sensible long term nutrition and exercise plan to help them maintain their shape. Overall the boost in self-confidence and self-esteem can be life changing.

Is there an optimum season of the year for carrying out a procedure?

Not really, although anyone with sensitivity to heat may feel more comfortable doing this in cooler months as they may need to wear an elasticized support garment for a few days.

Are there any pre-requisites for undertaking these procedures?

Most men who use them are over 40. This is when a sedentary office-bound lifestyle is likely to have affected their shape. It is important to have a certain level of strength in the muscles, and elasticity in the skin to be able to have a good result. We carry out a clear assessment in our consultation with our clients prior to any procedure.

When should this type of cosmetic procedure be avoided?

There is a contra-indication for heart patients using stents and anyone in poor health generally. We have no problems with diabetes cases so long as the medication used is under the correct control guidelines.

How long do results last?

The results are stable so long as a person gains no more than 20% of their body weight. That is why a healthy lifestyle plays such a role in maintaining the new shape and body tone.

Apart from these targeted weight reduction and body sculpting techniques, what else can men consider?

Men, like women, are often chasing that elusive fountain of youth. They may not be so willing to admit it though! We have a wide selection of age-reducing therapies and procedures, ranging from skin rejuvenation and 30-minute eyelid lifts to surgical and non-surgical chin augmentation.  There are even ‘scar-less’ facelifts, which give amazing results and take very little time. The great thing is that they give a really fresh youthful appearance with no virtually no time away from a patient’s normal daily schedule.

Can procedures be repeated after a certain period?

The good thing is that there really shouldn’t be any need. Of course, there is no reason they cannot be carried out, should it be requested.

Dr. Hani Nabil

Plastic Surgeon – InShape Clinics

Member of International Society of Lipolysistherapy

Member of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery


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