When the Lights Go Out…


by now there are quite a few experts around town when it comes to keeping things buzzing. We have already given the update on diesel-fuelled generators, but what are the greener options? Cairo West Magazine was relieved to find both natural gas and solar powered backup units available in the market, so read on….

Solar Powered Units

With an average of close to 300 hours of sunshine per month it seems a shame not to utilise this natural source of energy. Local manufacturers have cottoned on to the fact that there is a growing market for solar power, for a wide variety of purposes. We look at the availability of harnessed solar power to help us cope with blackouts during the long summer ahead, through the use of photovoltaic batteries, which come in various sizes.  Prices generally start from around EGP 15 000, ranging upwards to around EGP 60 000, for initial setup. As each setup is configured to the purchaser’s requirements enquiries need to be directed to the sales teams and factories, who will then prepare a quote.



Egreen is working to enhance the role of sustainable development for the country by providing customers with the reliable solutions for renewable energy. They aim to minimize the use of fossil fuel and carbon emissions. They can custom-build photovoltaic units to handle different loads, such as lighting, televisions, computers, electronic devices and all other power consumers.

Cost depends on a variety of factors such as changing current light sources with LED lights, ongoing or emergency use and the number of hours required from the system.



Egyptian Solar Energy Systems Company

Egyptian Solar Energy Systems Company design, manufacture, install and service solar hot water systems for all domestic and industrial applications including solar heating systems for swimming pools. The company also assembles and installs solar electric power systems using             photovoltaic panels.



Heliomisr is an Egyptian company that specializes in manufacturing solar-powered generators for homes, companies, offices, and clinics as a safe alternative to electric power during power cut periods, or in rural areas.



Innovations Unlimited Egypt

With a strong track record of over five years in the Gulf, Innovations Unlimited (IU), now in Egypt, provide solar power solutions across a wide spectrum of applications ranging from residential and commercial power back up solutions to full-scale solar power farms. IU leverages state-of-the-art Austrian technology with solutions guaranteed for over 5 years. Their Powerbacker™ solutions include battery packs that charge from your normal home electricity, to photovoltaic panels that harness solar energy, the coverage ranges from 2 to 10 kWh, designed to support to A/Cs, TVs, lights, refrigerators, and more for up to 5 hours.   Solutions can be further customized depending on client needs.

IU is located at 113 Gamal Abdel Nasser St. Sheikh Zayed, Cairo.




Natural Gas

Egypt Power

Egypt Power has recently introduced Generac Generators, powered by natural gas, into the market. Their home-standby generator covers you when the power goes out; it comes on automatically, protecting you and your home 24/7. The powerful, reliable Guardian Series is available to those living in areas with 50 Hz utility service. A full line, from 8 to 13 kVA is available to provide essential circuit or whole house backup power protection for many homes. Many can even back up a central air conditioner while protecting the remaining rooms in your home, including home theatres and offices. Enquiries should be sent directly to their sales team.


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