What Women Like in a Man What Men Like in a Woman


The Girls Say:

  1. Affection – A good old-fashioned cuddle, a kiss goodbye in the morning, and another when he gets home.
  2. Little gestures that show that he cares – Like popping a bar of your favorite chocolate into your bag for you to find when you get to the office.
  3. Unexpected compliments – Noticing a new hairstyle, or the hard-earned loss of a kilo or two.
  4. Helping out around the house – Who says real men don’t wash up after a meal? It’s acts like this that cement a relationship.
  5. Chivalry – Yes, even grown up modern ladies love small gestures like having the door opened for them, and someone to help them put on their coat.
  6. Appreciation – A little ‘Thank you’ goes a long way. Even if you are happy to shoulder most of the domestic workload, it’s great when someone notices.
  7. Honest criticism – When delivered with love it means that he just wants you to become the very best version of yourself.
  8. Be my hero – OK, so ladies can cut a mean deal in business and drive like a pro, but we still need to feel cherished and protected. Nothing beats being taken care of by a man who steps in and does what is needed when it is needed. When he takes care of you, and allows you to be a woman in his presence.

The Guys Say:

  1. Unconditional support – We do our best, we want to be the best guy in the world for our lady. Be there, cheering us on, even if we fall flat on our faces occasionally.
  2. Be truthful – Relationships are built on trust. Nothing is so scary that it can’t be worked through… together.
  3. Be real – Sure, we love it when you dress up and knock our socks off. But true beauty shines through when you go natural, and kick back.
  4. Remember to communicate – Not just yada yada yada. Say what you mean, share your thoughts, your ideas, your fears and triumphs.
  5. Be emotionally mature – Sulking and tantrums are for kids. And we are grown up now. Differences can be worked out and make us stronger.
  6. Affection – Simple gestures, a peck on the cheek, a caress or hug. Best of all when we aren’t expecting it.
  7. Confidence – Nothing makes a woman shine more than believing in herself.
  8. Independence – You know we are there to be your rock and protector if things get tough. But we really get a buzz out of watching the lady we love carve out her niche in the world.
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