Wellbeing Links for January


By Hilary Diack

Well, that’s 2014 done and dusted. Are you bright–eyed and bushy-tailed, ready for whatever 2015 throws your way? Resolutions made, or are you still trying to catch up on the ones you optimistically made a year ago? We promise you a bunch of great links to help you get through the coming 12 months in good health, great spirits and inspired living.

Gems for Grounding

With a special focus this month on real estate and the home we love the idea of using crystals to invite the right energy into our space. Take a look at this enjoyable article and try for yourself.



Negative Messages

We do it subconsciously, the little speech patterns that we are not even aware of. They can reinforce negative thought processes, so catch yourself before you speak.



Keeping Topped Up

The heat of summer is over, so we could find ourselves thinking more along the lines of cappuccino than refreshing water. Read this important article from The Mind Unleashed to learn why water is so important for us.



Metabolism Blues

It happens gradually, all of a sudden the weight starts to creep on, and is not so easy to shake off. Read this helpful article if you are of that certain age, and rejoice if you are still in your twenties or thirties!



Alkalize Yourself

There is an abundance of advice coming out these days about the benefits of keeping your system alkalized. It has even been linked to avoiding cancer. It’s all about the food rules passed down over the years, fruit and vegetables in abundance.



Beat that Flu

It’s the season again. Wake Up World shares useful advice on keeping winter bugs at bay.



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